‘Tina? I’m.. home.. ‘

As soon as Justin stepped into the master bedroom, he was greeted with the sight of his wife’s rear, back bent forward on knees that spread wider than she needed to to reach between. Two, frantic fingers kept darting in and out of her wet pussy, as if she was digging for something within.

Never had he saw her in this state, and the tray of powder at their dresser hinted at a likely reason. The pleasure-ridden wife did not know of his return until she looked into the mirror, slumping pathetically onto her side with fingers still working.

‘I’m sorry darling! I.. I didn’t know it was so potent.. ‘

‘Is that drugs? What is it?’

‘Come here. Please! Here!’

He was at the foot of the bed when she threw herself at him, eagerly tearing his pants off to get some relief. The possessed-like woman immediately went on to suck him once his cock popped into view, stopping him short of the detective work he was about to do.

(As she sucked him off) ‘Mmmm.. Mmmm.. This is sooo goood!’

Her starving reaction translated to one of the most stimulating blowjob he had ever received, of all times. She had him all the way down to her throat, gagging and stuffing herself full from both ends. That was a side he never expected to see from the woman he married two years ago.

(She snarled impatiently) ‘I want this thick cock inside me so badly.. Mmmm!’

Her now-terrifying blowjob ended shortly after he saw of her demonic self, wanting more than just her mouth.

‘Turn your ass towards me, slut.’


That four-letter word she claimed to never liked, suddenly had a different effect on her. It was another sight to behold when he saw how quickly she spun herself around, to wriggle her ass at him.

Wasting no time, he plugged her hole full of meat and began pounding her fiercely, while she flailed her head around wildly. He fucked her to the center of the bed where he pinned her down onto, for her futile effort to grab something.

After five minutes of all out sex, he depleted his energy and slowed to a stop, which she was not ready for. In a very angst mood, she threw him into bed and climbed over his cock, for a ride he would lose himself in.

Bouncing so hard to the point she became a ‘hammer’ to his ‘nail’, he was left to groan and fight for survival. Throughout the course of that crazy roller coaster ride, he had gone overly sensitive, then numb, then sensitive again. By then, he had his so-called ‘rest’ and flipped her off his exhausted pipe.

Like a caveman, he dragged her by her hair to the dresser where an aluminum foil was turned into a makeshift bowl for her stash. Like an addict, she took the straw and vacuumed what she could, refreshing her worn out state with newfound enthusiasm.


Justin rammed her so hard the photoframes toppled, in place of the dramatic, violent scene reflected by the mirror.

‘I’m cumming.. Bitch.. I’m gonna.. Gonna.. CUM! NOW!’

A few hard thrusts pumped her full of his seeds and they both groaned so passionately together, until nothing was left inside him. The sexed-up wife then excitedly helped him back into bed, diving under the blanket she tucked him under and resumed sucking.

That soft slab of meat took a while to harden, but she did it any way. The second erection was duly utilised on almost all the furniture, counters, corners, windows of the house until he came again, inside her.

The next morning, the couple found themselves naked on the kitchen floor, with his morning wood that would take another two rounds to relief.

He couldn’t exactly blame her for being a dead fish in the morning could he? Especially after what she went through last night.

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