How many times have you sat across someone so gorgeous that you had to feign observant to catch a few more glimpse of? In my case, it was less unnatural to return that kind of gaze when she, a lady in her mid 30s but looked none like that, threw me some. Having no common topic to start a conversation with, it was mere silence beyond the deeper desire to strike something up.

In such a situation, the lady would seem desperate if she acted too obvious, and egoistic if the guy tried any ‘pick-up’ lines. And so, she turned the screen of the tablet in her hand towards me, and shut her eyes to sleep. Without warning, a flinch of a finger fired up the screen, to a standby display of the current time, as well as a message, ‘if found, please call 9436****.’

The screen stayed on long enough for me to casually hold up my phone, and send a message to that very number. Like two complete strangers fiddling on their phones at the same time, a WhatsApp conversation was initiated.

‘Across you’, was my first message, and ‘alight next stop’, was her reply.

We pressed the bell at the same time and got off in a hurry, unknown, and uncaring for whomever might suspect something. It didn’t take us long to reach a block away from any residents, and got into a lift she turned into.

After we stopped at the top-most floor, we made ourselves comfortable on the steps at the corridor, completely open for anyone to stumble upon.

Just as I racked my brain for something to say, she grabbed my hand closest to her and placed it under her skirt, to let me get an idea of – how wet she was. While I was so damn sure I wasn’t the hunky, suave type of men, she proved my self-appeal wrong.

My fingers automatically wriggled into a side of her panties and immediately came in contact with smooth, moistened skin, I quickly eased the tension with a few random motion on her clit. She quietly reached for my zipper, pulled it down, and stuck her hand into it before fumbling for the ‘quick-access’ slit at the front of my boxer brief.

Within moments, our hands were fidgeting under each other’s clothes, soothing, calming, pleasuring one another like youthful adults. No doubt she was older than me, but it never felt anything like that. I could sense innocence, excitement, and a tad of inexperience.

Suddenly, she clasped my hand between her thighs and shivered like a little girl, before sighing very deeply. She had climaxed without much announcement.

‘Wait. Stop.’

She whipped her phone out from her handbag and singlehandedly typed a message to ‘Cindy’, telling her to ‘come out’. Under a minute later, metal gates clanked and she called out ‘stairs’.

A girl, likely in her teens, stood dumbfounded behind us.

‘Come. Let mummy teach you something.’

The girl walked over and stood before us, for the scene where her mum wrestled my cock out of my pants. A few gestures later, her daughter was sitting between my legs, and had her hand in her mum’s.

Those thin, cold fingers went around my shaft and began jerking up and down, under the assistance of her mum. She was left to her own once she got the drift of it, leaving me to struggle in the confused mix of shock and disbelief.

‘Put it into your mouth and move up and down like your hand.’

That girl obeyed so willingly and did exactly just that. I was easily thrown into disarray as she sucked on her own, reacting to every body signal I gave. How did I end up getting to where I was, jerked by a mum, then blown by her girl?

Her mum brought her girl’s hand to the bottom of my shaft and wrapped her fingers around it, coupling it with the rhythmic thrusts into her mouth.

Under that kind of combo-attack, no one, not even me, could hold out for long. In no time, I was twitching and groaning into my palm, shaking harder than I had ever did.

‘He is going to put something into your mouth now. Swallow it quickly k? It’s good for you.’

Just as my mind was going ‘wtf’, she passed my point-of-no-return and triggered the load she was warned about. Cumming and getting vacuumed for more, I thought my soul was gone along with my point of living. The girl was then sucking happier with her mum’s hand stroking the back of her head!

‘You’re done now. Go back into the house and wash up.’

She left as soon as I fell backwards onto the ground, ditching us in an eerie silence.

‘How is she?’

‘I’m really confused now. I don’t know what to think.’

‘I’ll text you later. I’ll explain everything.’

With that, she grabbed her stuff and went home, leaving me in more pieces than ever in my life.

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