Her Version

You could almost feel his fingerprints on your neck when he dragged them across your flawless skin. Your eyes were closed, and the image of a sunset replaced the orange light shining through your curtains. Unlike the beach, there was no wind, save for the air-conditioning unit that hummed as cold wind contoured to the curves of your body.

He moved downwards, and slowed down as he climbed the impossible slopes up your mammaries. It was the tiny contact point of his body, and yours, that created the waves of pleasure that followed his fingers closely.

Right there, a pause got your attention, the attention that grew into anticipation. What will he do next? A warm gust of air covered the peaks, forming a circle that travelled down your glorious bosoms, disappearing around your ribs. A rise in the temperature above the pinkish tip was quickly moistened by his mouth, before his thick, soft lips went over one side.

Keeping very still, that slippery, wet, rough piece of tongue twirled around, flicking and tasting your raw skin with saliva covering every inch. Those bumps stopped by your nipple turned into an electrifying pulse, shooting sparks underneath those sensitive nips into your dormant body.

Right in time, he shifted his attention to the other side, neglecting the damp one shivering in the chilly cold winds. His palm rested under the lonely boob, strong, yet gentle. He was the force that no one lady could handle, behind a mind that was as resilient to stop the beast from emerging.


His mouth lifted itself like the quietest alien spaceship, blowing the last breath of hot air to take in another. All of a sudden, everything went silent again, only leaving his fingers to be felt, between the cleavage of the sexiest woman in that moment.

Confidently, he moved to your belly button, tickles held back for later, where you might be given the chance to exact your version of ‘sensual’ on him. You would love to show him what you are capable of too, if not, replay his maneuverers on his manly figure.

Trailing nails led him to the mould of your pussy, keeping your legs apart but not appearing too desperate. Mentally, you did not felt too vulnerable. Emotionally, you were secure enough for him to continue even if he wasn’t yours. But physically, it was a whole new story.

A part of you wanted to enjoy the teasing longer, but the darker part of you, want him to end the pretence and just get what he was after. You know you would enjoy either of them.

Using his index finger, he turned it sideways and let it fall into the meat sandwich. You could feel how soft you were, you could feel how unwet you were. He had control over how much you can want out of him.

He continued deeper among your labia, sliding up and down, left and right, till he locked his motion under a catch. A sharp breath of air involuntarily filled your lungs, and he had his hand on your weakest spot.

Another finger joined his index, a thumb, to be exact. He clamped your clit lightly and rolled them together, sending a continuous flow of energy into your limbs. Just before your muscles tightened, he let go of it and you were more relaxed than before.

Your legs opened on their own, and he slid lower down your cervix, carefully locating the entrance with just an inch allowance. How could he have taken any longer to figure it out right? Totally under his control, your body found no reason to be wary. And when he pushed the first joint into your vagina, your mind turned into an obedient one, well knowing that he would not stop till you are one hundred percent satisfied.

Then, you felt another finger tip right beside that first one, and it stretched your pussy lips wider, sinking into you and catching up with the former. Yes, there were two inside you now.

He proceeded on, lubricating himself as he moved in a single direction. It had almost felt like a sword that never ended, going into you.

The next minute, there was no reaction from him, at least not from what you could see. His fingers had curled up inside of you, twisting and exploring your insides. Accidental contact with your various sensitive spots came and went, like passing clouds while you sat in the cockpit of a F16. Fast, temporary, but you felt them for certain.

Mimicking the wheels of a locomotive, his elbow started moving back and forth, slightly bent upwards to rub on that bumpy underside of your pussy. You could hear the ticking as his nails stroked along that rough surface, and it felt even better than a smooth dick that could be inside.

Your body squeezed that orifice instinctively and the overpowering, mind-numbing, vision-blurring sensation multiplied. Adrenaline froze your neck and your tightly clenched fingers, but you knew you would not need them for now. Something inside you is permitted to come out and play. And all you had to do was to keep still.

He went deeper with each stroke and you could feel him stretching your limits. You weren’t sure if he was that big or you were that small. It just felt – good.

After five minutes or so, he slowed down, and his fingers turned to the side. He was just moving his fingers and no more of that masculine workout kept things going.

Your pussy began closing in on him, and his movements got wilder. A loud unsightly groan escaped your mouth and a trembling sense of fear overwhelmed you, sending you into a heart-racing spat of orgasm that quickly flushed all the scary thoughts out of your head, replacing them with a beautiful sight of greenery and fresh air, right after you almost drowned. That ‘drowning’, was worth it.

He pulled his fingers out of you, paying extra attention to return those folds of red flesh to its original position. A warm palm cupped over your sore pussy, taking all the aches away. Your eyelids never felt so heavy before, and there was no worry about what he would do to you in this state.

‘Hey babe.’

A whiff of hot pancakes awakened your senses, and sunlight shone through your eyelids glowing red. You rubbed your eyes a few times, and before you, on your bed, was a tray of food.

A glass of spinach-Yakult milkshake, steaming hot pancakes, two mid-sized german sausages and sliced apple. Behind that tray was him, ribbed, tanned, carrying a smile that lit your day.

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