Too Much Education

Rachelle: ‘Okay class. That’s all for today.’

She let the students leave the classroom before walking out, heading back to the staff room to drop her folders. As she tided her desk, Ron stood up among the cubicles and took a quick glance at her, smiling nonchalantly, and went for the door.

Upon seeing his departure, Rachelle took her box of mint sweets and followed suit, till he disappeared into the science block where he was nowhere to be found.

There, one of her student, Max, was on his phone but stopped to see who had walked in on him.

Rachelle: ‘Max, did you see Mr. Tay?’

Max: ‘Yeah. He went into the staff toilet. I was about to text you.’

Right then, a door slammed from behind the ladies, where they both heard it out and clear. Just before curiosity got the better of her, she ushered for Max to go over. They listened on the door of the staff toilet but heard nothing, only more noises coming from the female toilet.

Rachelle (whispering): ‘Who else was here?’

Max: ‘Cynthia. But she went into the toilet. Maybe it’s her making the noise?’

Rachelle then grabbed her student’s hand and made their way into the ladies, paying close attention to the only cubicle with shadows shuffling from underneath.

Ron (whispering): ‘Take it off.. ‘

Cynthia (whispering): ‘Wait la. It’s not that easy.’

The freshly graduated NIE math teacher did not wait for anymore signs and pushed their way into the empty cubicle next to the busy one. The finger on her lips summarised how quiet they should be. After all, no one should know what they and the couple next to them, were up to. Two students with their teachers, side by side, getting steamy and hot in cubicles next to each other.

Rachelle took her sweater off and pulled her spags over her head, while her student, Max unbuttoned and stripped his uniform off. In less than a minute, they were fully naked, save for the bra his Math teacher was still wearing. The stall next to them began generating slurping sounds, with loud gasps of a manly tone.

Max let Rachelle sit on the toilet and placed her feet over his shoulders, quickly diving head-first into her pussy. As his licking grew wilder, she failed to keep quiet and went on to moan sensually. With her eyes closed, and Max occupied, they never noticed the head that peeped over the dividers.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘Max and Ms. Lim.. ‘

Ron (whispering): ‘Shit.. they are.. ‘

Max got up from his knees and swapped places with Rachelle, beginning his share of blowjob from the short, brown-haired lady. Her round face only made her seemed cuter when she took his rod in and messed up the curves of her beautiful cheeks.


Cynthia’s voice broke the silence as her pussy was fingered, going as deep as her body would accommodate. Ron’s hand had been squeezing her breasts so hard that red marks were showing around her nipples. Right, both her nipples got so sore beyond description but it felt good, hard, hard kind of good.

Suddenly, the two couple changed their positions simultaneously. Rachelle bent over the toilet cover in doggie as Cynthia laid back on the flush tank, awaiting the dicks that they were paired with.

Ron (whispering loudly): ‘Does it feel good?’

Rachelle (whispering): ‘Oh yes.. it feels fucking good.. ‘

The two students were dumbfounded by the coincidental response, yet did not hold back when the onslaught began. Moans filled up the toilet, groans rang like monsters in the attic, teachers were talking dirty to each other, and students showed more concern for their invisible partners.

To the four of them, it felt more like a swing that occurred in two separate rooms.

After the longest ten minutes in their lives, Ron was heard slowing down, issuing a warning to Cynthia who was overdosed with pleasure. Her limbs hung lifeless to the sides, and legs were held up by his strong grip. Max in the other cubicle, had stopped moving a minute ago, but Rachelle kept thrusting herself backwards, fucking his dick to a dangerous edge.

Ron (whispering): ‘I’m gonna cum.. ‘

Max (whispering): ‘Me too Ms. Lim.’

A loud bang woke Cynthia and silenced Ron, forcing him to pull out of his teacher and cover her mouth from behind.

*knock knock*

Ron: ‘Ms. Lim?’

Rachelle: ‘Yeah?’

Ron: ‘Shall we?’

Max understood his words and gathered his uniform, unlocking the door, a sweaty man with a smile greeted him.

Ron: ‘Take care of Cynthia. I think she won’t mind.’

The doors clicked shut and Ron pushed Rachelle up the thin, plastic wall, one leg dangling over his arm that was holding onto her waist. His dick spread her tight pussy opened and sank all the way in, thrusting almost as soon as he felt she was relaxed.

Max had helped Cynthia to kneel at the centre of the seat cover, ass raised to his hips. Without warning, he dug his way in and shocked her, but without any resistance to get away from him.

Ron (whispering loudly): ‘Let’s finish this. Max! Safety first!’

A knock replied his worry and the skin slapping noises appeared. Rachelle barely contained her moans behind Ron’s hand, continuously nudging her to the edge of orgasm with every stroke. Her pussy had began to tighten and Ron wasn’t that far away from his climax too.

Three hip thrusts from Max was all it took to knock Cynthia to near-unconciousness. Held by her arms, he rammed into her non-stop as his peak neared, shaft widening as his cum loaded into his shaft.

In sync, they spent their last three minutes fucking together before the men pulled out, emptying their load on the stomach and ass-crack. Where their precious man-juice then flowed down across the most risky spot to get any cum on.

Exhausted, the ladies cleaned themselves up with the low-grade toilet paper, and helped the men to dry their cocks too. Belt clanged, zippers pulled, everything went quiet for a moment until Ron and Rachelle left first.

Left alone in the cubicle, Max had saw the sparkle in Cynthia’s eyes. One that travelled up and down his chest in shyness.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘You want to come to my place?’

Max (whispering): ‘How ’bout we discuss this after we leave this place?’

They held hands as they dashed out of the toilet, running into the teachers who were standing by the railing.

Ron: ‘I won’t have any accidents from you two right?’

Rachelle did not see the worried look on Cynthia and everything was probably fine. They went back to the staff room with a secret gained, and the two students went skipping out of the school, arms going around each other once they arrived at her block.

Max: ‘Cyn.. I don’t have any condoms.’

Cynthia: ‘I have. Just in case.’

With that, they went into her house and bedroom, only to learn that she had been going pantyless (and shorts-less on non-PE days) to school since forever. Now, how convenient would that be?

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