Splashing Wet


Felicia (shouting): ‘EH! MY PHONE IS STILL IN MY POCKET!’

Her group of classmates pushed her into the pool of the condominium where they were having a BBQ at. It was supposed to be a casual outing to one of the guy’s place, but with booze and cigarettes, it was not surprising things went out of hand and landed her in a dripping wet situation.

Quickly pulling herself out of the water, she checked on her iPhone and was relieved that it still worked, having protected in the thicker pockets of her school skirt. As her uniform got stuck to her body, it would be hard to explain to her parents what happened since she did not tell them the actual reason, expecting them to reject the invitation she got for the BBQ.

Felicia: ‘J, can I go up to your place to dry my clothes? I can’t go home in these.’

J: ‘Okay.’

He placed his cup of unfinished juice on the table and packed her school bag for her, carrying it over his shoulders while she followed behind, shivering from the coldness. Upon entering his place, she walked with him to his bedroom with an attached shower, and began stripping after he left the room. In the bathroom, she did a check for shampoo and body foam, spotting a plastic bottle beside a tube shaped object. As her curiosity got the better of her, she picked the object up and found it to be a silicon vagina, awkwardly returning it to the original position after seeing the resemblance.

With the shower running, J’s voice suddenly came through the door and asked her not to touch anything in the bathroom, probably realising he had left his intimate toys out in the open. As a girl in a male’s room, the tidiness of his room was admirable, and she liked how he laid out his bed, with a few soft toys ‘sleeping’ on his pillow.

After half an hour, she came out of his room with just the Doraemon towel, brushing her hair as she asked for a spare set of clothes. J was dumbfounded with the sight of a slender figure, wet long hair that flowed around her neck. Once he got his sister’s clothes, he went into his room and found her sitting on his bed, blanket around her neck.

J: ‘You are not really dried yet you know?’

Felicia (trembling): ‘But it’s really cold.. ‘

She took the pile of clothes from him and tucked it away, waiting for her temperature to recover before putting them on.

Felicia (trembling): ‘I think you have to let them know I won’t be done so soon. I have to dry my clothes. And.. my underwear is wet as well.’

J gentlemanly sent a text to his buddy to update them and they were cool with it, knowing that they were the ones who inconvenienced the studious, smart girl. Sitting closer to her, he rubbed his hands on her back to warm her up, and as he did so, the blanket slipped down her shoulders but she did not noticed. Something was stirring in his pants now, being so close to a naked girl the first time in his sixteen years of life.

Felicia: ‘Why are you looking so red?’

J: ‘I.. you look sexy in this.. ‘

Felicia: ‘So.. will you be using the toy in your bathroom after I am gone?’

J: ‘Oh shit! You saw it?’

She nodded shyly and turned red as well. He rolled on the bed for the knob to control the lights and tuned it down, bringing the whole room to a darkened state.

J: ‘Can I kiss you?’

Felicia just closed her eyes and fell onto his pillows, breathing out warm air from the excitement of such close body contact. His weight landed next to her and his warmth closed in on her face. Very lightly, his lips met hers and she poked her tongue out, accidentally teasing him when she just wanted to wet her dry lips. As soon as he felt the soft wet tongue, he did the same and pulled her chin lower, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

While their tongues fought in gentle strokes, he had gotten hold of his blanket around her and pulled it away, leaving her towel to protect the decency. But it did not stay long on her either, with his shaking hand freeing the towel not long after. Running his fingers down her body, his index and thumb went to her nipples and carefully clamped them between, rolling them like handling toufu.

Felicia: ‘Can you warm me up?’

He stopped in his tracks and removed his clothes, leaving only his underwear on between the two bodies. Lying on top of her, his face stayed inches from her as his heat transferred to her body. As she didn’t want her legs to obstruct their intimacy, she opened them and let his knees rest on the wet sheets from her shower earlier.

J: ‘Have you don’t it before?’

Felicia: ‘No. But I don’t mind doing it with you.’

She was already lost in her own senses when she said that. Everything felt so right, and he wasn’t such a bad partner too. He struggled between looking composed and getting it in, with some help from Felicia coming shortly after. Holding his dick between her legs, a little tug brought it to her entrance and she raised her feet in the air, fearing pain from the entry.

Felicia: ‘Go slow k?’

J: ‘I will.’

His hips inched the meat in and the splitting pain diminished as he gave her pecks on her lips. It was so beautiful to feel him going in, warming her pussy as his heartbeat throbbed through his dick. Finally, the full length was deeply implanted and they spent a few seconds quietly, savouring the wetness and softness of their genitals.

Felicia: ‘Try moving?’

Pushing his chest up in a push up position, his pelvis started to pump the thick rod at her, groaning in ecstasy while she grabbed the edges of his pillow in a crazy head thrashing motion. It was the first time she felt so good and erotic, having a weird form of energy running through her body, from her head, to her pussy. He was big to a point it stretched her opening, and perfectly fitted in her, lining her vaginal walls airtight while his dick slurped its way in and out.

Felicia (panting): ‘I’m cumming! I can’t take it anymore!’

J: ‘Damn.. I’m about to shoot too. You’re getting too tight!’

True enough, her pussy was closing itself in preparation for the climax, pushing J over his limits as he lost control of the speed, ramming full force into her. The both of them screamed and groaned for the last few seconds before he moved himself back, flicking the slimy loads of cum all over her stomach while Felicia convulsed into a trance in front of him. She had unknowingly held his dick above her pussy and allowed him to keep thrusting his ejaculating rod on her body.

J: ‘You like it?’

Felicia: ‘Yeah. It’s tiring.’

They collapsed on the bed naked and caught a nap in each others’ arms, breathing in the scents of their upgraded friendship while waiting for her clothes to dry.

After an hour, they woke up to non-stop ringing of J’s phone and realised it was close to midnight, about time for Felicia’s last bus home.

Felicia: ‘You can keep my panties. I’ll come back for them next time.’

She left his place in a cab and J was free to go for a few more rounds with her underwear, wanking his life away in that silicon pussy.

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