Perfect Finish

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Just as I finished the last bit of beer in my pint glass, the waitress came up to me with the bill, a sign of politeness that they were about to close for the day. Sitting a few tables behind was a Korean girl, which I could make out with her sharp flawless features, and three empty glasses at her round table, flushed and drunk.

After I left the bar, she appeared behind me within a few seconds and ask me to accompany her. The accent she had was unmistakably Korean. Since it was still early (11pm is considered to be early for a drinking night), I agreed just to make sure she reached home safely.

We spent some time loitering pointless around the neighbourhood, with luxurious private estates. After an hour of headless wandering, she tugged at my shirt and said she wanted to pee. Well, I was just wondering how long more I had to hold myself in too. So we made our way behind a row of tall bushes, and did our business side by side.

In a gush, the pressure in my bladder was relieved from the build up of alcohol. As I was about to pull my underwear up after the ‘jiggle’, she suddenly yanked my jeans by the hip and turned me around. Before I could see if she was dressed, her head blocked the view of my groin and her mouth went on to suck my dick, as though possessed by some horny demons. Her lips were lightly stroking along the skin of my dick, moving at such a speed it felt like, sex. Once she had to stop for a breather, the following words that came out of her mouth were, ‘Can you fuck me?’. It was in perfect English that sounded so sexy with the foreign tone.

I had to reject her no matter what she got earlier. She was still red from the beers, and had spoken in a slur. It would be messy if she decided to sue me for anything. After hearing my reply, she stood up and stripped her jeans that were still at her knees. What a way to threaten. Once her panties were removed, she headed for the street lamps. I could make out her sparse pubic between her legs but I was more worried about what I was getting into. I pulled her back into a dark corner with my pants slipping down my calves. She then went back to sucking until I totally couldn’t stand upright, finding my balance with help from the fences.

Me: ‘I don’t have a condom with me.’
Girl: ‘But I do. Never used since my mum gave it to me just in case.’

She remained on her knees and capped me with much difficulty. But it felt super erotic when an inexperienced girl like her tried to do it right. I could feel so much impatience and desperation when it slipped a few times.

Finally, the rubber was on and we found a small opening among the bushes to a clearing where a steel fence separated the park and a house. She held onto the rails and raised one knee on the low wall. I blindly guided my dick between her legs and spent some time getting my dick into her. As my dick pushed its way into the tight, ‘foreigner’s’ hole, she was groaning with her head facing upwards. The squeeze on my rod was a result of her small hips, slim to a point I could feel her pelvic bone when I held her waist.

Wasting no time, I worked my way deep inside her and pounded her so hard that the first orgasm formed a higher level of clench that did not go away. Her cunt was just airtight and sealed. A vacuum pulled me in whenever I pulled, bringing me back into her with a loud slapping sound. Thankful for the alcohol, I was feeling confident of lasting longer that night.

Girl: ‘Can you put it in my ass?’

With great pleasure, I pulled out of her and spat some saliva right at her rim. Poking the dick head in, the tightness proved impossible to accommodate even an inch of my dick. The drunken eagerness of her kept moving backwards as my tip remained motionless. Slowly, I thrust the rest of the shaft in and the rubber had came a little loose at the top, giving me more freedom to go all the way.

After a minute or so of gracefully deep pumps, I felt her tight anal flesh squeezing down so hard. And it felt really good. The rest of the action need no explanation. I was pounding her rear as fast as I could manage, barely holding in my load with that level of stimulation.

Just as I thought I was doing well in her pussy, it was a whole new experience to be in her other hole. Damn! I was about to cum.

Me: ‘I’m cumming soon. I can’t move anymore. It’s too tight.’
Girl: ‘Take it out. Take it out.’

I stepped back for my rod to slip out of her and she bent her back in front of me, unrolling the condom halfway before ripping it away, flinging it into the dense bushes. She then squatted down and resumed sucking my dick, throwing her face into my groin until I erupted my hot load into her mouth, pushing some of it down her throat as she continued the deep throat.

Once she felt the spasm in my body slow down, she gave a last suck that started from her throat, pushing me out with her lips forming a tight seal. It was indeed heavenly to feel my shaft being totally emptied.

Girl: ‘It’s a good hangover cure.’

We got up and hid ourselves away from the light while dressing up. And she gave me a hug that felt so calming and warm. As she stayed in my arms for the few seconds, I felt her hand briefly tucking something into my back pocket.

Girl: ‘I’ll see you soon.’
Me: ‘Can’t wait.’

She placed a hand on my chest signalling to me not to move while she walked into the distance, stopping in front of a three storey bungalow before pressing the bell. Man, it was just a thirty second walk to her place, and we just had a quickie right at her front gate. I left the maze of tall houses and made my way home, to find a piece of paper with her number in my pocket. Hmm, I guess it would be a good idea to send ‘Hae’ home whenever she got too drunk right? Just for safety’s sake.

Part 1 | Part 2

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