Being Assholes

Cheryl and Isaac had decided to pay one of their good buddies, Zack, one night with beers and food. It was a simple gathering where they relaxed and chatted, since they had not seen each other ever since they started working.

Well, it was hard not to turn the two guys on with that translucent white blouse and a loose denim shorts. Just sitting on the floor in front of her was already too much for them to take as her crossed legs often revealed the red panties she wore for that evening. In a rush to get some action starting with the unsuspecting girl, Zack took out a deck of playing cards and began distributing while cans of beers were popped opened.

Zack: ‘The loser will do a dare k?’

Cheryl: ‘Okay. On!’

The two ‘king’ of gambling made their ruthless conquests and Cheryl had accumulated three forfeits in just three games. Now, it was time to get their raging hormones satisfied.

Isaac: ‘Okay. First dare is to put this lighter between your legs and don’t let it drop out.’

Cheryl: ‘For how long?’

Isaac: ‘For one game.’

Seeing that it was not too difficult, she clamped it between her upper thighs and adjusted her legs to sit sideways. Just as she thought it was secured, the yellow Bic lighter dropped out and the guys went ‘orh-hor‘ in harmony. Isaac quickly picked the lighter up and Zack told her that it would be placed back by Isaac.

She opened her legs for him as he leaned in, sliding the lighter along her smooth legs and into her shorts. Although it was outside her panties, Isaac grabbed the chance and pressed the edge of the lighter at her clit, vibrating it slightly until her body that was leaning back, gave way and fell on the beanbag behind her. Zack went over to join in the fun by pinning her hands above her head while Isaac continued to tease her clit, sending her into a non-offensive struggle trying to tell them to cut it out.

Things slowly got out of hands when Zack asked his buddy to stop, in exchange for taking a little pink pill he took out of a zip lock in his shirt pocket. Rather than being touched physically, the pill seemed to be a better idea and she took it with beer.

Ten minutes into the next round of card games, her body was swaying to and fro, until one moment, she let herself down on the beanbag. Seeing that their opportunity had came, Zack went back to restraining her hands while Isaac proceeded straight for her pants, tugging it off her legs. After she was bottomless, her blouse was unbuttoned and removed, having gone too weak to resist.

It wasn’t much of fear as her body was number neck down. Her increased heartbeats were sending the drug all over, making her high till she was grouchy. The guys knew she was all theirs to have fun with. They flipped her on her chest over the beanbag, and Isaac was first to go. He went behind her and jammed his dick in, partially lubricated from the earlier teasing. The moment he entered, he just pounded away into her feeble body.

Zack placed his dick in her mouth, treating it as her pussy and did the same, ramming it down her throat that had no gag reflex due to the effects of the drug. They were fixated in that position abusing her body. Cheryl wasn’t unconscious, she was aware of what her body was going through, and enjoyed the bombardment of pleasure along with the drug.

As soon as Zack stopped mouth fucking her, she grabbed his balls and gave them a little wobble, sucking on his rod with a sloppy blowjob. Both her holes were dripping wet, one with saliva and another with her womanly juice.

They swapped places and experienced the sweet girl’s body, maximising the time by engaging her in different positions. Men being men, their bodies were soon too desperate to cum after so much sex and they returned to the first position, Zack in front and Isaac at her rear.

The countdown to ejaculate at the same time was the craziest Cheryl had ever felt. The two men were ramming their cocks into her at impossible speeds, determined to cum together. Her pussy was sore and sensitive by then, and had orgasms shooting through her body all along. Finally, they went slow to time their dispatch and sank their dicks in all the way as their hot cum flooded her body from both directions.

The hot cream flowed down her throat and she could make out the whole journey down her gullet from the heat. Her pussy also got an instant relieve of aches from the soothing warmth, like hot water rushing into her body to warm her up.

The guys sat on the sofa panting after they were done, leaving Cheryl on the bag with thick white cum leaking out of her holes. As they thought of having a quick nap, Cheryl wasn’t done just yet. She crawled over to them and began sucking on Isaac’s dick that just creampied her. Her mouth worked hard going up and down, making him squeal from the sensitive tip. Her free hands also roamed over to Zack, and started jerking him off, still covered in her saliva and some of his own cum.

Somehow, they had unleashed some kind of sex slave that knew no limits. She alternated between the two yummy sticks of raw flesh and made them so weak they couldn’t even speak a word, yet kept awake from the blood rushing downwards. After they cummed a second time, this time Isaac in her mouth and Zack in her hands, she finally disappeared into the toilet. Probably to wash up for sleep.

Alas, she did not disappoint them. Her trance-like expression was priceless when she went back to Zack, going deep throat on him until he was hard again, taking a good fifteen minutes to get up. She climbed on the sofa and sat over him, almost knocking him out when her pussy went down on him. She held onto his neck and rode him.

Well, as much as he loved sex, it was too much for him. He was motionless on a couch, where a moaning girl kept grinding on him. It was as good as being fucked dead. He could feel her pussy squeezing so tightly around him, and it did not go away either. She just used that suction to drive him insane, before she felt his pulsating veins pump the measly bit of cum.

Zack (weakly): ‘Cheryl.. Stop.. ‘

She remained on his lap and slouched her body on his, falling asleep with the air conditioning cooling their bodies down. They must have gotten one of the best workout in their lives.

The next morning, before sunrise, her mouth was already on Isaac, sucking on him for her breakfast while milking Zack for more.

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