Paying a Visit

Sharon (loud whisper): ‘Hey! why did you come to my school!?’

Randy: ‘I wanted to see you.’

Sharon: ‘But my friends will see us!’

Randy: ‘I know, so let’s go somewhere no one can? Or I can just show your boyfriend working some photos of you. I know where he works.’

Sharon: ‘WTH.. Don’t ever do that k? Let’s go somewhere else.’

They left her school for the blocks of flats opposite, seeking a more private space to sit. After fifteen minutes of wandering, they finally found a flight of stairs that was more quiet and had no overlooking windows. As usual, she sat on one of the steps and he stood around to lay his bag down.

She pulled her black t-shirt over her butt and removed her tight fitting jeans, leaving her bottomless in the sun-lit staircase. Randy too, undid his jeans and lowered it to his knees, leaving his underwear at his balls so he could get dressed faster. As usual, Sharon sat at the steps and he stood in front of her. Taking his dick in her hands, she began stroking him amid the dryness, before she brought her mouth to his dick. Randy adjusted one of his feet between her legs and used his calf to rub on her pussy, while she moaned softly, feasting on the piece of meat before her eyes.

Gently thrusting his hips, it was an instinctive motion and she took it well down her throat, familiar to the taste she had been tasting since a few months ago. As the momentum took over to make him harder, Randy had whipped out his phone and began recording, a perfect view from his position. Sharon had not noticed it, but given how turned on she was, she probably would not bother too.

Once he had his share of oral sex, he climbed down a few steps and leaned over her small frame. Inching his dick between her opened legs, her opening stretched to accommodate his little head, giving him a short squeezing sensation. It was heavenly to feel a soft, wet tube going down his dick, and excitement drove him a little too fast to penetrate into her – for the first time since they met. She wasn’t a virgin when they had this fling relationship, but they had not gone to the extreme of sex, until lately he asked.

She laid back on the uncomfortable edges of the steps and he placed her feet higher. Soon, the thrusting began and she closed her eyes once again, giving him the opportunity to record their sex on his phone. Although they were fucking, his mind was on the videos that he made, increasing his leverage on the files he had on her. Nonetheless, she was an average girl he wanted to own, but her boyfriend was the one getting all the goodies.

Now, without restraints, he took whatever chances he had to pleasure himself, ramming deep into her pussy. She was especially wet that day, dripping juices where their genitals were connected. It could be one of the last few meet ups they had, so Randy cut her no slack. Pounding hard on her groin, she repeated the words ‘faster’ and ‘don’t stop’, making him crazier as he panted. Her legs around his waist showed him how much she enjoyed his dick. And that level of tightness was sheer pleasure pushing around his shaft, choking it whenever she orgasmed.

Randy: ‘Come, turn around.’

His phone was on the steps as she got up, kneeling on the shoes he placed under her knee. In doggie style, her pussy looked much clearer under the sunlight and he sank his meat without hesitation. The *piak piak piak* sounds resonated while he picked his phone up, resuming the video he was making. Her shirt was lifted up to her upper back, and had never looked so sexy, with the contours of her slim waist interrupted with his one handed grip, her butt crack had made it seemed so much hotter. And yes, her long hair, tinted brown, strands stuck on her sweaty neck.

Soon, the urge to cum was right in his balls and he stopped for a rest before pulling out of her.

Randy: ‘Sit on the steps. I’m about to cum.’

Sharon: ‘Where are you shooting?’

Randy: ‘On your body? Just continue masturbating.’

Relaxed, her hand went down to her clit and rubbed hard, sending her back into the moaning state. He held his camera with his dick in view and stroked vigorously, aimed at her chest. About two minutes later, he pointed at her boobs and sprayed the load, careful to capture the spectacular view of his sperms flowing down her body, while being littered with his cum. He had coated the whole of her chest, stomach and groin, right up to her pussy, before squeezing out the leftovers from his tube on her nipples.

The video stopped and he switched to camera, snapping a few silent shots of his artwork. The warmth of his load did not bothered Sharon since he only splashed on her body. By then, she had also finished her last climax and laid still, catching her breath. Randy took her panties and turned it inside out so the areas outside her panties was exposed, using it to wipe her body clean. Seeing how sticky her underwear had gotten, she gave it to him and wore her jeans, spending a long time wriggling it up her legs.

He too had gotten dressed in less time and kept his phone, happy with his efforts put in.

Sharon: ‘Promise me you won’t show it to my boyfriend.’

Randy: ‘I won’t, as long as you don’t turn me down.’

Sharon: ‘Fine. You win.’

Well, as we all know it, there was no stopping once someone had a grip on your weakness. So when you girls allow guys to film you in the act, make sure there is minimal recognisable features, especially your face. On the other hand, if it turns you on to be blackmailed, then go all out. :)

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