High on Drugs

One last hard sniff and she took most of the ketamine powder. It didn’t take long before she went giddy and high. She sat opposite on the metal bench of the playground, and she just grabbed my arm and shook herself wildly.

With no indication of her slowing down, she pulled herself up and wobbled around the soft ground. With a thud, she fell and lay still while mumbling. I moved her to under the metal support of the playground, where you’d usually find all the musical settings below.

Grabbing one of my hand, she placed it on her skirt and under. No questions asked, I rubbed her pussy gently till she was wet. The effects of K with orgasms seem to have a multiplier effect. Sliding my fingers into her panties, she responded by spreading her legs wider.

I know she wasn’t a virgin, and she’s quite wild on bed too. Pushing my fingers deeper, her wet cunt welcomed me with a stream of juice, receiving me with a little suction. As I sank my finger deep into her, she became more sober. She reached her arms out for me and pulled herself with little effort. Wrapping her arms around my neck, we were kissing forcefully. She knelt and with both her hands available, she got my pants undone quickly in the dark and sat down on my super hard dick.

Flipping her head backwards, she once again wrapped her hands around me and rode me. With her bum slapping on my hips, I could feel my dick giving her the full penetration. She’s not really skinny, probably just the right size for her small built.

With her cumming non-stop and the continuous squeeze on my huge dick with her tight pussy, I was minutes away from cumming too. She gave herself one last push and sure hit me with all she got. Her pussy squeezed hard and she forced herself down onto me, with my dick entering a hole so tight, my load unleashed into her and I lifted her up and down my shaft to make sure I pushed all my sperms into her, and also that my balls are really emptied.

We lay tired for a while, me being inside didn’t create much difficulty as I was really spent by then. I didn’t just leave her lying there, I sent her home before her parents returned. Cleaning up was easy, I just changed her wet one with one new that that’s covered with my cum. =)

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