Used to This

Her fingers wrapped around my blood-filled meat stick, cold fingers meet warmth. She couldn’t resist kissing me and rubbing my dick between her legs. It has been some time Peiling last met me, and we’re meeting again for sex again.

Sitting on top of me, she pushed her panties to one side before sitting down on my shaft, slowly. It has been so long since I last put mine into hers. She doesn’t tell anyone about her losing her virginity, so everyone wouldn’t know. Sliding her body down, her tight hole was sucking my dick in as deep.

Lifting my hips up and down, her body moved in sync with mine and we were fucking each others’ mind out. Her denim skirt was like high up at her chest as we kept going. The entry to the hotel didn’t seem to affect her much, not like before.

With her pussy juice covering my dick, she couldn’t stop and I had to take over before she would change position. I placed her on her back and I climbed over her body, taking a whiff at her hair, the thought of breaking up returned and I was quite upset thinking about it.

Plunging my dick hard and deep into her, she grabbed my arms tightly as I pounded away at her pussy. *Piak piak piak* My balls were slapping her so hard that she could only get hornier. Hugging me tightly towards her body, her legs went around my ass and pushed me as deep as I could give her.

With a pause, her vagina walls closed in on me and streams of juices were flowing. Moving my hips back and forth, I could use her tight pussy to cum and little did I realised she was knocked out as I continued fucking her.

I went on and made sure I woke her up with the hammering of her cunt. Once again, she put her legs around my waist and pulled me close, preparing for the second round of intense climax.

This time, I didn’t stop, I kept the full penetration speed at maximum and I cummed right into her, whilst her pussy was still squeezing everything out of me. She didn’t seem to care or mind. We lay on the bed till the manager called to inform that our two hours are up.

A quick rinse of our bodies and we left the hotel, gone in our separate ways. Such a horny girl. =)

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