From the Top

Joyce agreed to be my model in a last minute attempt to complete a project. I arrived at her house at 9am and she was in a tank top and nicely dressed for the shoot. The shoot is to be done at her place, probably her room. Without much problems, I’ve quickly gotten what I wanted within 20 minutes into the shoot.

Me: ‘Eheh, you wanna try something more daring?’

J: ‘What?!’

Me: ‘You go into the showers and take off your top leh. I’ll take a photo through the shower curtains. Can?’

J: ‘Huh.. okay lo. I’ve told you to do what you want le mah.’

*She went behind the curtains and took her top off.*

Me: ‘Your bra leh? Haha.’

She just started taking her bra and shorts and panties off without a word.

J: ‘Don’t tell anyone or show anyone any pictures taken here with my face ah. If not I’ll kill you!’

Me: ‘Okay. Promise. I won’t hurt you de lah. Okok, done done. I’ll wait for you outside ah.’

Closing the door behind me, I sat on her office chair while waiting. The bathroom door creaked open and she stood in front of me – naked. I stood up and looked at her. Holding her face with both my hands, I just could not resist trying to kiss her. Her arms went around my neck and our tongues were wrestling.

Falling onto her bed, like wild animals, we took my clothes off without much care of tearing them, right down to my undies. Lying beside me on her bed, she leaned over to my chest and ran her icy cold fingers down my stomach. Wriggling her fingers, her hand disappeared into my bulging boxers.

I took a deep breath as her hands went around my shaft. With her hand stroking me gently, it was my turn to go between her legs too. Sliding my hand down her tummy, around her thigh, and between her legs, I started work on her soft pussy. I was getting her all wet and the rounds of orgasms has started. I was feeling quite alright then, but foreplaying with a girl I admire was a little too unbelievable.

Her other hand came around and pushed my fingers into her pussy, two at once. The trips in and out of her vagina was a messy one, she was especially wet (according to her). For about 10 minutes, she was just moaning and having convulsions from the climaxing.

After she recovered for the many times, she turned her body downwards and lifted her hips up. Getting onto my knees, I got behind her and did paused for about three seconds or so, admiring her sore pussy. Pushing the head of my dick into her, she clenched her fists and her breathing got heavier too. Without wanting to spoil my own share of fun, I started banging her.

Her tight hole wasn’t something to meddle with. Given her body size, my dick was really pushing all the way into her. And it was actually her backing against me. I couldn’t rest, all I could do was to hold it in. Upon her request, I got on my back so she could ride me like some time back.

Slipping and falling hard while I penetrated her, she got to her knees fast and bounced away on top. She was really riding me. Her hips were just grinding for seconds and humping for the next few. It’s like I found my own sex slave, a sex machine to be exact.

Me: ‘I’m cumming! Get off!’

*She paused, looked at me and said in a panting voice*

J: ‘Don’t worry. Today is a safe day.’

She resumed her final few humps and I was totally hornier and went in sync with her.

Within a minute, my load was in her and still gushing.

J: ‘Wahh.. you very long never masturbate le ah? So much. See? I haven’t even take out, the excess came out liao.’

With a slight grin, she got off me and squeezed her pussy for the cum to exit. With my cum in her hand (and pussy), she lay beside me and stroke me for another round before finally needing a break.

J: ‘The second round is a reward ah. No more third round le.’

She showered and we went to AMK Hub for breakfast while she took a bus from there to visit a friend at work. =)

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