Shower Time

I received a call from Celia and she spoke calmly into the phone.

Celia: ‘Can I go over to your place tonight? I’ve got school tomorrow early. And your place is closer to school.’

Me: ‘Huh. Okay lo.’

In an hour’s time, the door bell rang a few times¬†consecutively¬†and I opened the door for her to enter. It wasn’t the first time she was here. It has been a few times and she was quite used to being here as well.

She sat on the sofa and took her heels off before heading into my room with one of the shopping bags. After taking some clothes she just bought, she went for a shower in the kitchen. The kitchen was intentionally left untouched since it left a nostalgia look to it, with the tiled flowery walls and creaky old chairs, the toilet door was similar to aluminium make-shift houses.

It was her that does not lock the doors whenever she’s inside. I popped in ‘accidentally’ to give myself a better view of her while getting off. She didn’t seemed to mind and believed I was really doing it accidentally. Meanwhile, I was washing my plates at the sink right opposite the kitchen toilet when she came out in a minidress without any bottoms on. Looking at me innocently, she went to the living room for TV.

At about 2am, I went to bed before her and for a first time, she joined me in bed. Lying beside me, she asked, ‘You horny?’ How could I say no? But oh well, it seemed too weird for her to ask this question, sounds too easy. She came closer into my arms and I just had to hug her.

Holding her closer to me, I whispered into her ears. ‘Yes’, blowing some air into her ears. Her thigh came up between my legs and rubbed against my hard on. I was knowingly moving my hips against hers. Our lips met and the kisses we exchanged were short and light. My hands roamed under her dress, along her smooth skin, and around her breasts, finally stopping my fingers around her nipples.

Twisting it gently, the intensity of her moans varied. Her panties slowly got warm and moisten as I continued with the breasts play. With a grin, she took her panties off under the sheets and gave me a surprise by rubbing her cleanly shaved pussy against me.

Lying on her front, I perked her ass up and positioned my dick right at her hole. ‘Slowly okay? It’s my first time’, she said in a shy voice. Slowly going in and out inch by inch, I stuffed my meat into her tight hole while she clenched tight onto my pillows.

Speeding up, my dick was covered in her ever-flowing juices. Her hips were slowly moving up and I kept up with my pounding, flesh on flesh. It wasn’t long before we’re in a doggy style. She was shy to show me her orgasmic face. It was hard to stop myself from fucking her as I got close to cumming.

‘I’m cumming, where do you want me to shoot?’ I asked her as I felt the build-up of the army.

‘Inside me, it’s my first time, and I want to feel it inside me.’ What if she’s wrong? What if something happened? I didn’t really cared, I shot the whole package into her, still pushing my dick as deep as I could inside her. Her orgasm came at the same time as me, pushing and sucking every drop out of my stick.

Right after that session of wild sex, we slept till dawn and she was out of the house before I woke up.

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