Hijacked Father

(Kayla asked) ‘Are you ready dad? For your birthday present?’

‘Uh huh.. please don’t put my hands on anything icky k?’

TSK! It won’t be icky! Slowly bring your arms up in front of you, and hold it there until you feel something. Hehe.’

From her footsteps, I could tell that she has ‘escaped’ while I have to execute her command, raising my arms until they were straightened at eye level. While my mind was somewhat bored of how she might surprise me, I had never expected to feel skin, on my palm.

A pair of hands then took my hands in them, turning my palms inward before they landed on what I suspected, were hips.

‘Woah woah woah. Do I know you?’

(A female voice) ‘Yes uncle.’

She then took a few steps towards me, until I could smell a feminine fragrance in front of my nose. My hands were led slowly higher, across her waist, over her ribs, and stopped right on a pair of small breasts.

A similarly small pair of hands then went onto my stubble-laden face, tilting my head upwards for a kiss on the softest pair of lips I had ever felt.

(She whispered) ‘Uncle.. don’t be scared k? My friend is going behind you.’

Before I knew it, another set of hands went around my chest and undid my shirt, peeling layers and layers off until I was in my boxers. The two of them, from different angles, proceeded to slide their hands down my pants, going straight for my manhood without any care for any other parts.

Surrounded by two gasping ladies, I could only stand still as they ransacked me, at the same time taking turns to ‘experiment’ with what they understood as a ‘handjob’.

(Girl 2 voice) ‘Mmmm.. it’s so hard now.. ‘

Suddenly, my boxers were yanked down to my feet and one more pair of hands came forward, caressing my balls while the other two girls jerked me off.

In no time, I was made to lie down on the bed, fully naked, while three whispering voices made inaudible remarks about my cock. Subsequently, their hands gave way to one of their mouths, which I could obviously recognise from the tongue and how wet and warm I was inside.

While it began as a lick-and-taste, another mouth took things to the next stage by going down on me, stirring sighs and moans from my confused mind. Before I knew who was doing what, there were three tongues running all over me, with one mouth sucking me senseless at all time.

Once I was barely conscious and consenting, they took things up a notch with a pussy, one so hairless and small, that she was squirming more than I was suffering. It felt as though someone was putting a condom on for me, with her pussy. That tight, and almost impossible.

In time, she managed to fit all of me inside, but there was no way she could move from the overwhelming ache. So I put my hands under her bum, and bounced her up and down like a pocket pussy, whining in both pleasure and pain with each jab.

After five or so minutes, she was finally wet enough to move on her own, and I could tell that she got help with she slammed her pussy too hard onto my cock too many times. It knocked the wind out of her, but she would always come right back for more.

Just like the blowjob, the girls took their turns with me, exposing me to three distinctively different pussies I couldn’t find a favourite amongst. I was soon allowed to participate actively, as long as I keep the blindfolds on. The girls ended up in either missionary or doggystyle, while I challenged myself to knock them out for the others to panic.

Knowing full well how ‘young’ Kayla’s friends might be, I chose to finish off outside of their bodies, pulling off a cum-on-face for the girls to then do their taste-test.

By the end of the hour, the girls ready to settle down, tucking me in bed before they jumped into the shower together. After a long, long time in there, they came to join me in bed, all three of them – including my own daughter, Kayla.

Let’s just say that both her friends got more dick that night, but not Kayla, ever again.

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