Keeping Scores

(Maeve whimpering) ‘gosh.. you’re so hard.. ‘

(As I moaned) ‘How.. how can I not be.. after you.. after.. ahhh ahhh ahhh.. ‘

There was no way I was able to finish my sentence the moment she sped up, shoving her face harder into my groin and driving me as far down her throat as I could take. It has been so long since I saw this side of her, and it didn’t take me long to recall how formidable she could be.

(I moaned harder) ‘Fuuuaaaa.. I’m cumming love! Cu.. minggggg.. ‘

In a split second, my cum was shooting out like fireworks, though only she would know how it really went into her mouth. Once she had vacuumed me dry, that cheeky grin on her face was a sure reminder, of how satisfied she was with my ‘performance’.

(Maeve exclaimed) ‘Ok! Ready to go?’

Lagging behind her from my recent orgasm, we made our way to Downtown East where a chalet has been booked, for a small gathering among her closest, once-clubbing friends. Since we were the ones who booked the room, there was no one there when we arrived, giving Maeve ample time to pull my shorts down again, and let me have control this time.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs while she sat a few steps higher, neck bent at an angle I could thurst to my heart’s content. With complete privacy (locked doors), I loosely held her head as I stuck my dick down her throat over and over again, until she wrapped her fingers around to ‘end’ my fun.

In mere seconds (of using her hands), I was blowing my second load of the day, sprouting straight into her continuously swallowing throat. By the time I was done, she had nothing else in her mouth too, except for perhaps my lips.

(Maeve whispered) ‘Wow. That pill really worked huh?’

‘Not all the time though.’

A few hours into the beers, vodka and wine, each of the couples (including us) took turns in the bedroom, main excuse being ‘nap’ while no one second-guessed what really went on behind the closed doors. After all, a couple of the ladies were simply too loud to miss.

When it was Maeve and my turn, we went straight for the main course, bending her over the bed while I sent my dick right into her pussy. Thinking it was fun to let her be ‘heard’, I rammed her as hard as I could, making her wail and groan beyond her own control. Somehow, I suspected she knew of my intentions too as she got unbelievably tighter, to the point I had to take a few breaks.

Halfway through our violent banging, similar noises came from the bedroom across, and downstairs, signalling the start of the ‘race’. Slamming our hips together until I came, we had plenty of time for more but both of us wanted to see what was going on everywhere else, and that same thought ran across everyone’s minds too.

(Random guy shouted) ‘So.. the sofa?’

One by one, the guys, followed by their girls behind them, moved towards the sofa and each couple generally took up a doggy stance, for the guys to fuck from behind.

For disclaimer, there was no swapping of any kind, but the way the girls moaned and supported each other, while ‘boosting’ their men’s ego by exclaiming how big their (respective) dicks were, that was some unexpected teamwork there.

In time, all of us finished and we mostly stayed in the nude, minus the girls who received a creampie. They had to wear panties to keep from dripping. We, the guys, had beers and cheers, and the girls, they had a corner to discuss what just happened, and for some reason, also some scores to tabulate too.

It is good to feel comfortable in one’s skin every once in a while.

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