Unseen Bliss

While I was most definitely shocked, it was more unbelievable to see the pussies of two very good friends, laid out next to each other, in doggystyle with their bums facing me. Although they were in blindfolds, I could still sense their ‘excitement’ from how tightly they interlocked their fingers.

‘Maeve? Mabel? Do you know who is in the room?’

(Maeve answered) ‘Yes? You and Nick.’

(I replied) ‘Ok. So you girls know what is happening.’

(Almost in sync) ‘Uh-huh.. ‘

I took one final glance at Nick and went into the toilet to undress myself, though I wasn’t too surprised when I heard Mabel moaning before I was ready.

Before I knew it, I was balls-deep in Maeve, thrusting as how I normally would though she was significantly more responsive than usual. While I have heard some intimate details of Mabel’s (past) sex life, it was only then did we, Maeve and I, knew of how ‘quiet’ she could be.

A tap on my shoulder triggered a pause, that I could somehow guess was coming. It was time for us to ‘switch’, that being the actual highlight of why the girls were arranged in those positions.

I pulled out of Maeve and sidestepped to Mabel, who was visibly more anxious about the subsequent activity. Letting Maeve ‘go’ first, it took Mabel a few more minutes before her fists loosened up, just the sign I need to slide it, very slowly into her.

Although she started out a bit dry, she got increasingly wet to the point Nick could see, and hear the difference (when he was inside her). Being a little louder, when I was inside, meant more to Nick than Mabel, as he was unhesitant to take his newfound jealousy out on Maeve.

Pounding Maeve harder than I clearly would do to Mabel, I could tell that she was wanting more, from her subtle backward-thrusting motion I had to divert with ‘more’ forceful jabs. In no time, the four of us were fucking our brains out, in an emotional-sludge of covetous, selfish jealousy, and even some misplaced grudge if I may.

Soon, Maeve asked to switch positions and it was no surprised when she wanted to be on top. So off she went, riding and bouncing on Nick’s dick as I continued pumping Mabel hoarse. It wasn’t long before I asked if she wanted to change positions too, and she left it up to me, for whichever stance I wanted her to take up.

(I whispered into Mabel’s ear) ‘missionary.’

And by that, I put her right next to Nick while I went between her legs, giving ‘me’ straight to her beside my howling lover. Of course, I had to hold Maeve’s hand, right after I put Mabel’s hand on Nick’s.

Now, Maeve and I were officially dominating the two lovebirds, almost at the same pace as we were overwhelmed by how they were pleasing us too.

(Maeve moaning breathlessly) ‘Will you.. come.. with me?’

(I in my equally breathless state) ‘Ye.. yes.. soon.. soon.. ‘

We simultaneously picked up our pace and sent the both of them wailing, while we were half-wincing on our asses.

About five minutes later, a synchronised sigh purged all of our urges at once, two leaking over, and the other two squirting into. We took a while to get off each others’ backs, though the girls were nowhere near done with us.

We, the guys, were first ushered into the toilets to wash up, then handed the very blindfolds to put on before we stepped back into the room. In a fresh state of blindness and defeaning silence, I was brought back to the bed where a pair of lips began serenading my cock, executing some moves I couldn’t recognise.

The manly-groans coming from afar prompted me to ‘let myself go’ too, making similarly-weak noises as I was brought back and forth from near-death. While my sense of sight was explicitly out of bound, my hands weren’t, and they had no problems telling the girls apart.

What truly got under my skin was, how Maeve could be that vengeful and wet at the same time, compared to Mabel’s unheard gentleness when she rode me so elegantly and skilfully. The ironic thing is that we, the guys, would never know how our partners behaved with the other guy, especially not when the girls ‘sent’ us on our separate ways home.

I could only imagine how unaffected they were with their wrinkled skin from soaking too long in the bathtub, since there would be an abundance of things to chat and giggle about.

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