(I pleaded) ‘Hey hey.. you’re not allowed to do this.. moaning haaa.. haaa.. heyyyy.. ‘

(Maeved asked) ‘And then? Am I doing it right so far?’

‘Then you flatten your palm.. like that.. then put it over the tip.. yupp.. and just go in circles.’

Within seconds, I was plunged into a sub-conscious state, mind too blank to focus on anything at all. I also lost all abilities to make any coherent speech, since I couldn’t decide if I should be expressing agony, or ask for mercy.

By the second minute, my dick head was completely covered in pre-cum, caused by the non-stop, over-stimulation that my body didn’t know how to otherwise handle. To her, it was definitely a convenient source of lubrication.

‘Wrap one hand at the base.. yupp.. like that.. then do the same with your other hand but stacked on top. Next, you make a twisting.. yeah! Look at him.’

This time, my hips went berserk thrashing around as I was overwhelming with hyperactivity, caused by an all-round attack on the trigger points for climax. But because it wasn’t the usual up-down motion, it was just pointless stimulation that my body once again, had no idea how to react to.

‘Next, you use only your fingertips.. no no.. like.. like you are eating nasi lemak with your hand.. yupp.. thumb below. Try both hands? And then just move up and down. Make an upward-pushing motion. This will help get more blood into the top, making him bigger.’

True enough, I did get bigger, to the point I could see how tight (and shiny) my little head was. And to be honest, it was quite relaxing, since that two stunts she pulled earlier. It took me little time to fall back into a relaxed mood, feeling as though I was melting into the sheets.

Like how good things don’t last, I was sobered when she removed her hands, for her next scene.

‘Face your palm outwards, grab his cock like normal, and twist your wrist when you move up. Exactly like cleaning a pipe. Squeeze harder? See?’

Now that, was an unexpected sensation that encompassed decent stimulation in all the sensitive spots along my shaft, and that twisting motion simply gave me (a little) time to recover before she moved downwards with a looser grip. Couple that with her constant gaze at my eyes for every signs of pleasure and displeasure I might feel, it was as ‘fun’ for her as it was ‘intimate’ for me.

After another three reps of all those finger-styles above, we were finally allowed some privacy in the room. In my defense, I was mentally and physically already too drained, to last any longer than three minutes of being in the comforts of her pussy.

Not that she was complaining, but I should well be the one when she decided to ‘just suck’ me for the remainder of the time we had – which was just enough for me to recharge for another, vengeful round in payback for what she had put me through.

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