Life Sentence

(Jovian asked) ‘How? Did it go well?’

(Nina answered softly) ‘yes. he gave me extra.’

After handing him the four pieces of fifty-dollar notes, she slipped her hand under his arm and followed him out of the hotel, still deeply mesmerised by his charming looks. Without any more ‘clients’ for the day, he brought her back to his place, and went straight to his room, where she instinctively stripped her top off.

‘In skirts’, she recalled him mentioning once, about his preference for her attire, and that short, pleated skirt was no better way to please her man.

After undressing himself down to the boxers, he stood before her on the bed and it didn’t take her more than five seconds to lay down on her back, head, and mouth, in the direction of his semi-hard cock.

With a slight bend of his knees, the tip of his cock found its way into her mouth, where she began sucking on it lovingly. Once he had enough of her ‘service’, he took over control of her mouth, thrusting far enough to suffocate her, but didn’t hold long enough for her to gag.

It was only a matter of time before he began his humiliation, which she knew she had brought it upon herself, no matter how long ago it took place. Through the half-gag and tearful eyes, he recounted that day she confessed to him about her affair, that wasn’t even an emotional one (for her).

(In his berating tone) ‘You like to go behind my back right? Fucking some guy who you don’t even know? Letting him get into your pants because he was nice to you? You just fucking spread your legs for him and let him stick his fingers inside, then when he ask to fuck you? You did say a single thing?!’

As soon as he was done, he yanked her out of his bed and made her kneeled between his legs, to continue face-fucking her in a different position. Taking his cock as deep as she could, the tears and pain was nothing to her as long as she could stay with him, even if it meant she had to fulfill his selfish fantasy of pimping her out.

He used that small input of wealth to buy her clothes, that even he knew was too provocative to step out of the house in. Although he had never asked her to wear it out, changing into any of them in public toilets/ changing rooms were no less shameful.

Crop-tops, mini-skirts, see-through cardigans, stockings, seductive red-lipsticks, thongs, tantalising lingerie, she always showed up in some combinations of his collection.

When his emotions finally got to him, that was the moment she would truly feel his rage, mostly though the forceful jerks in her face. In time, he got bored with that and switched her to doggystyle, sticking himself into her without a care if she was wet, which she never was not.

As long as she was with him, she would always be ready for him. If she physically wasn’t, then the bottle of baby oil she carried in her bag would help. In great fury and self-lament, he continued banging her as hard as he could, occasionally giving her clit some attention to keep her high.

(Nina moaning) ‘I’M GONNA COME DEAR.. COME.. WITH ME.. ‘

A minute later, she went into a mini-convulsion as she grasped the sheets tightly, doing her best not to interrupt the man still shoving his cock into her delight.

(Nina asked) ‘Are you cumming soon love? Can I rub myself? Please.’

‘Of course you can. You are not suppose to let cheating stop you.. ‘

By then, her mind was muddled in pleasure with that finger violently vibrating on her pearl of joy. Within another few minutes, she was about to climax again but she slowed down, just enough for her pussy to ‘sense’ if he was ejaculating too.

‘Why don’t you cum first? I might take a while.’

Immediately, her body trembled again in increasing strength, portraying an orgasm no less weak than her first.

‘You know what? I’m not going to cum inside you. You don’t seem to deserve it today.’

He abruptly pulled his cock out and left her pussy gapping for him, though he had already made up his mind.

(She pleaded) ‘No! Please.. let me finish you off. Anywhere you like.. ‘

She then swiftly jumped between his legs (they were still on bed) and slipped her lips down his shaft, in a much tighter, and rewarding manner, especially so when it came from a repenting woman.

Sinking her face repeatedly into his groin no matter if she was choking, it was punishing for her, but not for Jovian who could easily imagine what this was what she did, to any of those guys.

Nonetheless, he had no more fight in him anymore and gave her whatever she could suck out of him. When he opened his eyes to take a close look at her, he was part glad to know that he has a woman willing to do anything and everything, but also part sad that he did not know if he would ever forgive him.

Not too long later, he managed to communicate his dilemma across, and she has since kept him too dry to think about her mistake. Like they said, men make different decisions based on how full their balls are.

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