Nightly Duty

(Maeve murmured) ‘Hey love.. You’re finally home. Come here..’

Fully aware of my obligation to her, I took my boxers off again and crawled up to her. Turning her body sideway towards me, I leaned my groin closer to her face until she felt my cock against her lips, where she then opened up for me.

Getting into some sort of a push up position, I slid my cock in and out of her mouth until a grin appeared on her face, signalling my readiness for more.

I then returned her to the upright sleeping position, went between her legs, and held them as wide as I would like to see her in. After that, it was all about executing my second nature, to tuck my thick cock into her waiting pussy.

Since she was in a semi-asleep mood, I kept my back straight as I jerked my hips back and forth, thrusting her favourite part of me deeply into her. That little dryness, coupled with the non-slip nature of saliva, created an abrasive but non-painful sensation. It stacked right on top of the usual pleasure that we common share, and in its mysterious ways, amplified the stimulation we seldom come across.

Slamming our hips together under that kind of influence quickly pushed us over the edge, with her achieving climax sooner than she expected. As for me, it kept me edging till I was certain she had her orgasm, before I upped my game by overpowering her with wild, rapid thrusts that slurred her moans.

In time, I came and spilled my load into her favourite space – that is inside of her. As many ways as we would find to reach that same objective (of climaxing), it exhausted us to an irrecoverable state everytime, that only a good night of sleep can help bring back.

Goodnight love. I’ll always cum inside you whenever possible, or your mouth if you prefer. Though we should do the latter more often, because I really miss your lips and tongue doing their thing.

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