Double Entry

(He moaned) ‘Wha.. what am I even.. doing here.. Maeve?’

(Maeve answered) ‘You’re here because you chose to come.’

Despite her head being turned away from me, I could imagine the grin of satisfaction she would purposely show him as she jerked both our cocks at the same time, on the staircase right outside his place. As ‘risky’ as it was on location, the rush of adrenaline was also contributing to her extra-passionate strokes and kisses, especially when she dropped huge blobs of saliva over her hands to keep us lubricated.

While I, for one, was not too particular if I ‘finished’, he was showing much more affection towards her, hugging and kissing and fondling those voluptuous cups his current partner didn’t have. Just as I had allowed her, to allow him access to her body, he held nothing back as he proceeded to slip his fingers in and out of her, driving her crazy with lust.

Within minutes, her head was in his lap, bouncing up and down to loud slurping noises. The combination of those wonder-lips and her playful fingers on his balls quickly made him caved, but not letting him collapse till it was time to.

Once he was too desperate to cum, Maeve turned her attention to me, and climbed on top of my lap for a reverse-cowgirl stance. And in front of her, was where she asked him to be, so she could moan into his cock while riding me to a daze.

Since I was somewhat seated in a 45° angle, I wasn’t exactly taking the full brunt of her pussy. I could understand why she would pick such a dangerous place, because I, myself, would spend countless nights reliving this particular scene again and again, especially when it involved someone so conflicting.

(Maeve asked him halfway) ‘Do you want to cum inside my pussy?’

(He moaned) ‘Yes! Fuck yes! I need to cum inside your pussy.’

(She replied) ‘Too bad.’

It didn’t matter what he wanted, she already had a plan in mind. Sucking faster than before on his dick, he moaned and squirmed for the next few minutes until he gave that defining sigh, blowing his load into her mouth. And immediately, she stood up to kiss him, then held him at an arm’s length, to let his cum spill onto the floor.

Right after that, it was our turn to get into a standing doggy pose, slamming hips together till my glorious load sprayed into her. Out of goodwill, and my surprise, she actually cleaned me up with her mouth, then did the same for him, surely leaving some of my remnants on him.

Despite that, he was still able to put on a smug look, quite the contrast to my victory grin. We left him shortly after and returned to our hotel room, where I fired my remaining shots into the under-appreciated princess.

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