(Speaking from sofa) ‘Hi J. Nice to finally meet you.’

Knowing that Felicia probably texted her younger sister that I would be home, I wasn’t too surprise with that greeting. Instead, what I didn’t expect, was to see her sitting on the sofa, with no clothes on.

Before I could process my shock, the new girl whom I have just started dating, but never been to her place, had started taking her clothes off, right at the door.

Little did I expect, to see hangers mounted where the peephole was, they had two wardrobe right next to a shoe cabinet as well. Of course, how else would I feel besides being embarrassed, and further intimidated when Fel helped take my clothes off.

Before I could even step out of my pants, one of her hands was already on my cock, stroking it while she pulled my bottoms away.

(Felicia asked) ‘Mei, can you help me fold his clothes?’

‘Tsk. You always do this one leh.’

Seeing a smaller, splitting body image of Fel surely did (not) help with my hardness, though I won’t have to worry about my wobbly legs. I was seated on the couch in no time, and was getting blown to seventh-heaven. All the while, I was free to stare at anywhere, without a single bit of prejudice.

About ten minutes later, a bedroom door opened and her parents walked out (and in) on us, both naked to their skin as well.

(Dad asked) ‘Hi! So nice to finally meet you. I hope my girls are making you feel at home.’

(I answered in the straightest voice as I could) ‘Yeah sure.. they.. panting definitely are making.. ‘

‘OK son. As long as you are.’

They then went to the kitchen and started preparing dinner, while I was left sprawling on the sofa right next to her younger sister.

(Fel whispered) ‘Shall we go to my room?’

‘Oh yes please.. ‘

(Younger sister shouted) ‘DADDY! MUMMY! JIE IS GOING TO HER ROOM!’

(Dad shouted in reply) ‘J? IS IT OK IF YOU KEEP THINGS OUTSIDE? Just for my sake for now.’

(Fel interrupted) ‘ARGHH! FINE DADDDDD! We’ll be outside.’

She then got up, turned around to the TV, sat over my cock and pasted her back on my chest like a lovey-dovey(??) couple, with our cock and pussy exposed for the most part.

Soon, snacks were served to me and all her mum could say was how well-endowed I was, and how glad she was that her daughter shaved. Everytime I got begin to get soft, Fel to rub her clit along with my balls, massaging me for just long enough to get me hard again.

By the end of the hour (and show), I was more hungry than mentally drained from the constant-fondling. Upon hearing that dinner was almost ready, Felicia laid me down on the couch and took up the middle seat, going onto her fours to give me a good licking-down.

Not long later, I sensed her squirming and fidgeting to something. It did take a little stretching for me to see that her younger sister was actually touching her, in any inappropriate ways that Felicia merely ‘dodged’ (unhelpfully) left and right to.

(Fel moaned in frustration) ‘HEY! Can you just let me concentrate? TCH!’

Jumping up onto her feet, she went sideway-cowgirl on me and just casually rode me, in the presence of her parents and sister. Bombarded with this strange new feeling of embarrassment and embracement, I was lasting longer than usual to the pleasure of my beloved girl.

On top of that, the sister was just incessantly sticking her hand to her clit, rubbing her off as my balls were similarly tackled by her other hand.

While no amount of ‘stop it’ worked, my cry to orgasm definitely spurred little sister to put in more care, forcing me to climax harder than I had ever fantomed.

During our short rest, her dad served up a glass of tea-coloured drinking, insisting that I down it all for my manhood’s sake. For my own well-being, there was nothing I wouldn’t drink, as bitter as it may taste.

After a less-awkward dinner, somewhat due to my desensitising of nudity, I found myself rock solid again. Like I mentioned earlier, everyone was naked, and thankfully – in good figure too.

This time, we were asked to go to her bedroom, while her parents used the living room. Placed on my back, some sheets were thrown over my eyes before the head massage came. And just a few minutes later, another pair of hands ‘surfaced’, at my dick.

Unwilling to know which sister is doing what, I did my best to lie still while a hand-mouth-job was happening. There were times both ends (of my body) disappeared and reappeared, but my concerns were mostly neglible until a pussy went over my cock.

Gasping and wincing away, the fact that both voices were moaning certainly didn’t help at all. I just kept drifting in and out of consciousness until my sperm-pressure rocketed, thereafter granted a momentary pause before I was pushed over the edge.

There was no doubt, that I had emptied my (second) load into a pussy.

(Fel asked hesitantly) ‘Will you let me squeeze your cum into your mouth? Then pass it to my mouth?’

‘Of course. You had it in your mouth so many times. I’d do the same for you.’

A dripping-wet pussy then went over my mouth and stayed there till a pool of creamy-thick liquid was out, then followed by a pair of lips coming on mine to suck it all out.

When I was finally allowed to ‘see’, both girls were seated at the end of the bed, bodies glistening with perspiration from whatever just happened.

(Fel asked) ‘Ok mei. Get out now. And don’t come in until you are ready for bed.

And just like that, her sister left the room and we rested, for a good ten minutes before I was up again, though unsure if I was anymore ready to go (again) than her.

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