(Rachel asked) ‘OK ready? I’ll ask you to step forward and then you take one step at a time k?’

‘Umm.. ok?’

Heart still racing from her sudden request (for him) to don a blindfold, and cuffs, James could only await further instructions as he heard some shuffling noises on the bed. After what seemed like a long time, he was finally instructed to walk, one step at a time towards the bed he briefly saw.

After a few cautious steps, his knees finally came in contact the soft, thick duvet overhanging the edge of the bed.

(Rachel cont.) ‘Ok. Wait.. right.. there.. ‘

Seconds later, a cold, yet soothing hand went around his cock, guiding little ‘him’ into his rightful place. The idea, of an ‘effortless’ fuck, was consuming him surely, as she maneuvered his dong along the soft, wet slit, right to a little ‘cave’ where he could stay (handsfree) in place.

(She stuttered) ‘Can you.. now slowly.. push yourself in?’

In between her deep breaths and exasperated sighs, he carefully pierced his shaft into her, until he was balls-deep. Without his hands, he had no support, therefore granting her majority of control over how ‘fast’ he could go.

It wasn’t difficult at all for her to rock her body back-and-forth against his groin, slipping that pocket of joy repeatedly over his hard rod. As they found their momentum of push and shove, she was moaning louder and faster, getting significantly wetter as he listened to her erratic breaths.

Despite sensing her ‘interior-pressure’ that resembled an incoming orgasm, she just kept getting tighter, with no end in sight.

Still, his time ran out after an exhausting ten minutes, mainly due to his unspoken intention of not-cumming-before-her.

‘I’m cumming soon dear.. very.. soon.. ‘

‘uh.. huh.. keep.. going.. until the.. the very last.. moaning louder OH FUCK YESSSS.. ‘

Unrelenting in his personal mission, he rammed her as hard as his position allowed him to, pumping until his very last second, where he respectfully pulled out of her.

A few frantic shuffles of sheets later, a mouth went straight over his cock, with a slap on his butt to pull him right down her throat. The change in orifice didn’t alter the fact that he was just seconds before ejaculation, and so he continued thrusting, right up to the end where a huge, rewarding load was blown into her mouth.

(She groaned in satisfaction) ‘MMMMM!’

His wet dick was left flopping in the wind for a while, before it was brought back to town, into a pussy that was still wet for him.

Casually jerking his cock at the gapping pussy, it wasn’t until another pair of hands came to undo his cuffs, did he froze in time. He then pulled the blindfolds off immediately and saw Diane on the bed, naked, with her legs wide open.

(Rachel congratulated) ‘Happy birthday Diane.’

(Diane responded) ‘It’s so sweet of you to do this for me. Thank you.’

Those two phrases, were all James needed to figure out that ‘he’ was Diane’s present, somewhat-unconsensually gifted by Rachel (his girlfriend), although he gained something from it too.

The girls then exchanged a very suspicious kiss on each other’s lips and then disappeared into the shower, where a filled-bathtub was waiting. Although overwhelmed, James had all the time to spot a mobile phone perched in a corner, with a note underneath.

(Note reads) ‘This phone, and that video, is for you. You are the best present any girl could ask for. PS, she has given me permission to record everything.’

Did she just.. pimped him out?

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