Quiet as (we) Fuck

While there were mornings where Maeve ‘helped’ herself to me, that particular day began slightly later, when the sun was already shining brightly into our room. By the time I really sobered up, my boxers were long gone, and cock overly-lubricated by the coconut oil we kept by the bed.

(I muttered sleepily) ‘Good morning love. Working from home today?’

(Maeve answered) ‘Yeah. There’s a team conference happening in a few minutes k? So don’t make any unnecessary noise.’

Fully aware of her responsibilities for this job, I just fiddled with my phone while she casually fondled with my dick, until it was too hard to ignore. Following that (un)intended growth, Maeve then climbed over my legs and slipped my cock right into her pussy, at the same time when the familiar Skype tone rang.

Within seconds, she had answered it, and was chatting amongst her colleages while making small, short bounces on my cock. It couldn’t be helped that I got even bigger from how ‘naughty’ the whole situation was, and she was reaping all its reward.

As the clock counted down the ten-minute grace to join the call, which also counted for attendance, Maeve started riding me harder, going as fast as she could keep silent.

Beating the obvious distractions from a cock repeatedly piercing into her tight, morning vagina, she managed to keep a straight voice most of the time, minus the occasional seconds here and there she would mute – to fuck our brains out.

By the eighth-minute, she was on her fours pounding her ass over my groin, jamming that verticle shaft up her pussy as far as it went. And no more than a minute later, it was my own two hands all over my mouth, containing my muffled groans as I squirted deep into her.

Without any time for clean-up, I just stayed quietly inside her while I resumed the game on my mobile. By the time they took their first (digital) break, I had regained my vigour, with a little help of course. Embarking on round 2, we went straight to doggystyle and held nothing in as I hammered her senses to a blur, spraying another load right before people started dialing in again.

Still short of time to clean herself up proper, I left a towel under her to soak up everything she couldn’t keep, and went about my day.

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