Sex-ful Marriage

(Ryan chuckling) ‘Hey hey hey.. what are you doing?’

(Aisha replied grinning) ‘Pleasing my husband?’

Reluctant to stop her craziness, he let her peel his shorts down and watched in disbelief as she just leaned over his lap to give him a blowjob – on the bench in a public park.

Dark as it may be, it was the first time he ever saw this kind of ‘enthusiasm’ from her, the Muslim girl he braved all odds to marry. Drifting in and out of sexual consciousness, Ryan was mostly enjoying her skilful tongue while doing his best to keep a lookout.

Although it only lasted five or so minutes, it felt longer for him, who was trapped between excitement and sheer terror. After seeing her wipe her mouth so satisfyingly, he proceeded to wear his pants back, except she wasn’t done with him.

Taking a second glance at their surroundings, Aisha waited for some night-joggers to pass before she hiked her maxi-skirt up, just high enough to reveal the set of soft, perky ass for her husband to grab.

Wasting not a minute more, she straddled onto his lap and tucked his cock right where it belonged, in her mysteriously, overwhelmingly wet pussy, shaved to absolute smoothness for the first time.

(Ryan gasped) ‘You.. you shaved?’

(Aisha shyly replied) ‘uh huh.. you like it?’

The slow, rhythmic bouncing of her ass on his cock soon moved him into the phase of soundless-screams, partly caused by how little sex they had before marriage. As her parents were considered ‘ultra-conservative’, the young couple could only use the other ‘few’ options, which also explains how she got so good with her mouth.

Now, with no strings on them, or her, in particular, she let herself go and began increasing her speed, along with the force she sat on his cock. Engulfed in a fiery-hot pocket of soft flesh, Ryan was literally gasping for air and mercy as she further stimulated her clit.

(Ryan panting) ‘I.. I can’t hold it in anymore!’

Immediately, Aisha jumped onto her feet and went straight onto her knees, taking his engorged loin into her mouth to execute the head-bob-hand-twist-job, his Achilles’ heel for a soul-cleansing orgasm.

No more than two minutes later, he was convulsing as his cock erupted hot lava, direct into his wife’s mouth that was slurping a little too loud for comfort. Half-bobbing, half-stroking, she only ended the assault the moment he went limp, in all his limbs including his third leg.

It was only then, could Aisha sit in peace, knowing that her husband was too drained to think of something else, if anything at all.

Back home, she began the life of a faithful hot wife, wearing only too little at home to keep his eyes, mind and cock focused. And when they are out, only he would know if she wore any lingerie that day, but could still ‘summon’ her at any time, at certain places, for outdoor quickies.

In short, she is like a tamed tigress, only going wild when she is allowed to. Else he won’t have any strength to even leave his house. She is all his anyway.

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