Ol’ Days

‘Stand still and?’

(I replied) ‘.. don’t make a sound.. ‘

I was just pleased to get that answer right despite what she was about to do to me, was totally wrong. At that age, I certainly did not know what was ‘that whole thing’ called, and to make matters worse, it made me felt good.

Within minutes of reaching that second-top-most floor where only one of the units were occupied, she had unbuttoned my school shorts, and lowered them to my ankles for me to stand in. My tiny underwear, went down to my knees and remained there, while she gave my weiner a ‘physical’.

Once she was satisfied with my cleanliness, she popped it into her mouth and did weird things to it, mostly using her tongue to swirl, prod, and tickle the tip which made me felt a little dazed. Whenever I looked down (at her), she was always eyeing me, some times in smiles, other times emotionless.

It didn’t take long for me to big and hard, giving her more area to drag her lips along. The wetter I was, the faster she was, the better I felt. My small body (back then) was too easy to hold up, in those instances where I swayed a little off balance.

She would keep moving her mouth up and down, sucking extra hard to make me groan, once in a while not stopping until I begged her to. Repeating that same up-down, in-out motion over and over again, I took about ten minutes to get that rush of energy, building up in my loin before something came forcefully out of the tip.

For one, I never saw what came out throughout the duration she was with us, and not once did she let any of it out her lips. Once done with me, she helped wore my pants back and we returned home, to homemade food I was always so famished for.

When there was no one home, she would take off her shorts and do the housework like that, in just a baggy, oversized shirt. Seeing her bare breasts was a daily occurence, no matter if there was anyone else.

After dinner, she would always help me with my homework, then massaging me through my shorts while she checked it. My mind, had accustomed ‘pleasure’, with the sexual motion of her hand stroking it up and down. Since more length would mean more surface area, it had became some sort of second nature to keep erected whenever she was nearby.

My parents, they would always go to bed first, partly due to my strange interest in the debate programme after ten o’clock news. And like how she has taken care of me wholeheartedly, she was right next to me, playing with my cock while I stayed engrossed.

At the end of the day, she brought me to bed and tucked me in, minus the lower parts of the blanket that she raised above my waist. From where I laid, I could really see much, but that was also part of the thrill, of ‘sensing’ everything instead of watching her.

She would place her palm near my mouth, for me to spit into, then combining it with her share, she would rub that warm mock tail over my boyhood while jerking it. Once I was hard as a rock, she popped it into her mouth again and sucked on it until I came.

I never had one sleepless night with her, and would always fall asleep before she left the room. In the morning, on days I didn’t have P.E., she would wake me up earlier than usual, to shower, clothe, and feed me.

Going back to that top-floor unit, she would meet her hometown friend, with their daughter in her friend’s hand. Right at that doorstep, my pants would be lowered in front of all of them, though I had long gotten over the embarrassment. Even that little girl, wasn’t shy to ‘do as they told’, playing with my willy until her helper took over.

Needless to say, the morning-load was always small, but clearly sufficient enough for them to giggle over. In return, I would touch her girl under the dress, hitting sweet spots she would have that mental struggle to push me away or pull me closer.

It wasn’t until when I attended the compulsory sex-ed in school, did I have any hesitation about what I had done all along. That piece of memory, was as bright as day as I faced my fourteen-year-old neighbour again. She too, had attended some classes on that.

After some awkward, back-and-forth stutter, we decided to just touch each other like usual, except that we kissed, and let our genitals did the ‘finger work’.

Over the few months our helpers were still with us, we spent most of the ten minutes we met daily morning, to resist ourselves from doing anything more. The furthest we had gone, was using our mouths. You know, to do some blowjobs and cunnilingus.

Once we were allowed to go to school on our own, we still met outside her door, to do the same things. About a month later, in our free time, we found the top-most floor to be completely vacant, like there were no flats there.

It became our new ‘playground’, at times getting completely naked to satisfy each other. That was also the place we took each other’s virginity, going all wild and uncontrollable the moment we had penetrative sex.

Now that we are together, that floor remained as our outdoor-sex venue, for times when both our parents were home. To think back about it, it was pretty crazy for two ten-year-olds to be doing adult stuff for over ten years, from our ‘illegal’ to ‘legal’ age.

Whom should we blame, or thank for this?

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Great story… Kudos to author. Love the local story, the flow and context.

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