Present Participle

Although you had always allowed, and even encouraged me to ‘go out’ with guys, I always have my reservations about what, or how you really feel about it. I may not completely understand the appeal of seeing your own girl sleep with other men, but I am no stranger to fantasies of having another man’s cock in my pussy.

Despite how many times I have tried to organise one, I found myself losing interest as quickly too, partly because you were indifferent about participating, though I really wanted you to. In my mind, I just have that ringing thought, or rather, ‘inspiration’, that – your birthday, somehow seemed to be a good, and appropriate time to do such a thing. You wanted ‘memorable’, right?

There was always someone I had in mind, and that person, was in a way, conflicting, yet, possibly helpful, if I can get myself in the right mind. A good analogy, would be something along the lines of psychotherapy, perhaps facing my own fears, or coming to terms with my past.

I guess I needed you to know, that a lot of things, history and emotions, went through my mind before I had even texted him, but I know how meaningless that (thinking about it) really is, and there was only one way to find out.

With all my courage, I dropped him a text, asking him if he wanted to meet, and relive the old days – one last time. At that point in time, I didn’t care if I appeared needy, scheming, or even weak, because I was really more interested in what was going through his mind.

(He replied) ‘Sure. Studio M?’

That hotel, was one we had visited before, and was pleasant enough that I had no reason not to say ‘no’ to. So, we further set a date and time, to see each other there, perhaps for our last time.

On the actual day, I showed up in that tight, black dress which never failed to get him hard, especially when it keeps riding up my butt. Upon meeting me, we gave each other a customary hug and proceeded upstairs, completely overwhelmed by the emotions we once had for each other.

In the lift, standing at such close proximity to him, there were frankly quite a number of things I wanted to do to him. First, a hard slap, then, a kiss that ends with a bite, then, more kissing to take away the pain, and lastly, a continuous, playful squeeze of his groin until we reached our floor.

But thankfully, we did none of that. He just kept his distance until I put my arm around his, officially breaking the ice for him to hold me by my waist.

Once we entered the hotel room, I pushed him into the toilet and pinned the door shut while I set my phone up for video-recording, only dashing off for a few seconds to reach a dark, discreet corner. When I finally let him out, my bra and thongs were folded and placed neatly on the table, instead of staying under my dress.

To be unfair, I didn’t give him any time to react and just dragged him to the study table after that, where I went on my knees, and began sucking him off in the most affectionate manner. Maintaining eye contact with his expressionless face, I couldn’t help but thanked you mentally, for being so engaging, responsive, and most importantly, appreciative of simple acts like sucking you off. Despite my senses being physically present in the same room as him, I could still hear your arousing, helpless groans as I executed the same maneuver for this other man to experience.

About fifteen minutes into the oral sex, I felt the familiar, micro-tremors in my mouth and we both knew exactly what was going to happen. I loosened my lips around his girth and continued pushing my lips as far down as I could go, midway fondling his balls until his hips buckled and filled my mouth full of cum. I was unsure if it was habitual, but I swallowed his load without hesitation, or flinching my eyes.

Once I was done ingesting his first load, I climb on top of him and pull my dress off, flashing my long-lost, G-cups for him to grope to his heart’s delight. Since I was straddling him, I could more or less, tell if he was ready. But for the time he wasn’t, I made sure to smother him with my lips, moaning and sighing in kisses as he played with my breasts.

In little time, I felt his bulge pushing itself into my lower-lips and I promptly plopped him inside. Three-seconds, was all I took before I progressed to the crazy-cowgirl ride, bouncing up and down hard on his cock. Spanking me like he used to do, I was just surprised to detect tiny, little gasps happening in my pussy. It was a mixed element of surprise, and pain, which didn’t feel bad at all.

Motivated by sheer pleasure and my dominance over him, I remained mostly tight for the whole ride, stretching his stamina out over fifteen minutes before he began convulsing again.

Seeing his pitiful, helpless face, I slammed my hips even harder over his cock and kept my eyes peeled as he took his last breath, before he sank into the sheets like a deflated balloon. Though the ‘air’ was just his cum pumping freely into my pussy.

Unlike in the past, I didn’t have to worry making a mess, or babies. You have ensured my safety for our sake. I dismounted him and went straight for my phone, while he laid there drained of any strength. I was so ready to send you our video once I finished connecting to the hotel’s WiFi.

(He asked) ‘Are you staying the night?’

No, I wouldn’t miss your birthday for anything in the world.

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