Love, and Sex

Love, I don’t know if I told you this before, or have communicated this to you through other means, but I feel truly lucky to have you. Aside from being the perfect girlfriend, wife, and mother, you are, on a whole other level, a perfect lover.

I don’t know how you do it, or if you can also do this to another guy, but you have put me (multiple times) in such a relaxed state that I cannot think of another time that I was ever in such a mood.

You would always begin by placing both your lips at the tip of my cock, keeping them pressed together so ever gently, before you slide them very slowly downward. You would first go over the smooth, sensitive ‘big head’, then hit the vital, over-stimulating bump, before you let those lips slide down my engorged shaft. You would keep doing that over and over again, at first feeling the build-up of my stress and desperation, followed by the most liberating, exasperated sighs and heaves of relief.

Your hands too, are completely capable of pleasurable wonders even though you didn’t have much faith in them. There were times you covered me in so much saliva, or oil, and then used your hands to keep me ‘up’. Those times were so memorable, not because you seldom did it, but they reminded me of how careful you are that it felt like you were doing it for the first time – no matter how many times you did it.

I liked hearing your thoughts, or rather, your implied answers, whenever I spoke ‘dirty’ to you. To be fair, I wasn’t jealous of them, or worried that you did something for them that you didn’t do for me. You are, in every sexual ways, accommodating and flexible, so much so that I know every guy would fall victim to your magical hunger.

I asked about your exes, and sometimes flings, because I wanted to find out, or be sure, that they failed to appreciate you as you deserved. You have loved me so wholeheartedly, and even wildly, to the point that I must keep getting feedback to give you more than you have given me. Thus, I sometimes taunt you a little, delay your orgasms a little, so you can have it stronger when it comes.

And for the most wonderful gift you allowed, was your desire to have my cum inside of you, no matter where. I don’t know of any guys who would want otherwise, but your outgoing insistence on that was a huge ego-boost. Although I have not said this to anyone, but I can imagine how proud I would be if I can tell all the guys that my girl loves for me to cum inside her.

Jiggy-jiggy things aside, I like how clingy you are. In a way, you like us to be as intimate as we can, as situations allow. My hands on you, my lips on yours, my cock in you, what more can a man ask from their woman?

That’s why I used the word ‘lover’, because you loved me in every ways you know, sometimes even giving in to my demands you aren’t fully comfortable with.

I love you baby.

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