The Hungry

‘I’m not wearing anything under the sweater and tights.’

Those very words, that Maeve has whispered into my ears on the ferry, were made more unbearable when she put my hand between her thighs, in the taxi, to show me how wet she already was. Skipping the unimportant details of checking in, I was so close to losing my mind when we were finally granted some privacy in our hotel room.

Like the well-prepared gentleman I was, it was just part of my routine to get everything in place, and both of us comfortable, before anything begins. But unlike me, Maeve was less bothered by my perspiration when she started ‘tearing’ at my shorts, stripping my bottoms off quicker than I could whip my camera out.

(Maeve asked) ‘Is it on?’

‘Ye.. Yes!’

At once, her mouth went straight over my cock and left me exasperated as my mind faded to a blank, half-worrying if she was still in the camera frame. Drifting in and out of sheer-pleasure, I struggled to put the camera on a tripod before my hands were finally free, to hold onto her double-plaids she had done specially for me.

Pulling on her hair with minimal force, Maeve did most of the work maintaining my europhic tremors, along with the breathless groans of relief on every slow, downward stroke. Combining that slippery, hot blowjob with a rhythmic, opposing handjob, she had perfectly replicated the sensation of her vagina, made better with the occasional mind-blowing suction on the dick head.

By the time she got tired, I was mostly drained of any life, but enough to keep an erection going. I was brought to the bed next, placed on my back, and before I knew it, she was already on top of me.

Sliding my saliva-coated cock haphazardly into her pussy, not a single second was wasted once she started riding me. Bouncing, rocking, and twerking her hips to her delight, I was really just writhing and squirming to the unbelievable ease of my cock slipping in and out of her.

My desperate groans and hoarse moans, seemed to only spur her on as she moved even faster, neglecting any sense of goodness that I should be feeling, in place for her inevitable, rightful reward.

In less than five minutes, I was so wasted that my mind was all over the place, made worse by my erection that was still going strong for her to ride her mind out on. When I was halfway into unconsciousness, I finally felt the orgasm coming and could do nothing else, but groan the warning call out loud before unloading my whole load, into the unsatiable girl who was still milking for more.

(Maeve asked) ‘Can I.. Cum with you.. Inside?’

My respond couldn’t matter when she was already rubbing one out herself, squeezing and pinching my expended member multiple times until she came on her own. Our sweaty bodies then laid close to each other for a long while before she filled the tub up, for me to rest in until I was ready to go again.

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