I think we all know what a ‘sub’ is, being someone who is ‘obligated’ to, within reasonable limits, obey all instructions given by her ‘dom’. And I guess we also can imagine those couples dedicated enough to push themselves right up to the edge. Things like degradation, mild punishment, use of demeaning terms, won’t be too far off too.

But this girl, this short, small-sized undergrad with decently-proportionate bosoms and rumps, was clearly on another level. Although unverifiable, I could tell with high certainty that she must have gone through some shit – for me to write so extensively about her.

When we met for the first time, I had an understanding that it was an opportunity for us to hang out, spend some time together, and see if we could get along. Although I was properly dressed in t-shirt and jeans, I was still worried about ‘ruining her image’ if she had shown up in something classier.

It wasn’t until later when I recognised her from the crowded escalator, did my heart skipped a beat knowing that she would be more comfortable than me in a spaghetti top and high-waisted, FBT shorts.

The ‘date’ was honestly, unremarkable at best. We settled for dinner at McD, which can be quite novel depending on how you look at it, and had share some fun details on our lives before we went to catch a movie.

The movie we picked wasn’t anything hot or new, so everyone, or couples, was able to find some rows or corners to themselves. It was because of the sparse seating arrangement that we could continue talking, albeit in whispers while the show went on.

It couldn’t be helped when some scenes got too loud for us to hear even ourselves and so we would just turn our attention to the big screen until it was quiet again. Up till that point, I was pretty stoked to know that I could still be of interest to another human being. That was indeed, a good feeling.

As we went quieter and focused on the show, she coyly pulled up the armrest between us and leaned into my chest, tucking herself comfortably in. Since it was happening in the dark, I didn’t mind being of some use to her and held her close.

(She whispered) ‘Do you want me to suck you?’

(Confident that I had misheard her, I whispered my answer) ‘Sure.’

The next thing I know, she had undone my zipper and was whipping my cock out when I asked her to repeat her question again. And no, I didn’t hear her wrong. She gently pried my hand away and resumed unhiding my cock, fearlessly letting it stand tall while she bunned her hair up.

Within seconds, my cock was in her mouth and she was really good at it. Her tongue went all over the place and my toes never uncurled. Cramping inner thighs, clenched fists, gapping mouth, rolled eyes, toes curled, I could literally see flashes of black and white shooting within my fluttering eyes.

Her lips, although they didn’t move far from the base of my cock, delivered the most intense euphoria I ever experienced. Her swiping, sweeping tongue, tickled every inch of my skin that I wanted her there forever. She went at it tirelessly until I felt bad for her, and finally stopped her crazy onslaught of pleasure.

(She whispered) ‘Was it good?’

(I replied breathless) ‘Fucking good.. ‘

Out of courtesy, I asked if I could touch her and she just leaned back into her seat, adjusting the centrepiece of her shorts to one side for my access. We returned to our ‘normal’ sitting angle while I kept one hand over her pussy, rubbing and toying with her clit endlessly. Never once did she initiate or stop me from doing anything to her, and so it was only a matter of time before fingers started disappearing into her.

Without any signals from her, I just teased her until the bad guys were defeated, marking the end of the movie, and fun, for both of us. My wrinkled fingers came out of the light-headed, mesmerised-looking girl and we just laughed our earlier crazy ‘exchange’ off.

We chatted heartily all the way to her void deck where she then made a request for me to send her up. There was no way I would shy away from that, especially when it could be the last time I see her.

As soon as the lift door closed, she reached under her top and unclasped her bra, pulling it out with a sigh of relief. And to top that off, with five seconds left in the lift, she popped the golden question. Yes, her.

‘Can I suck you off properly this time?’

‘Ok. But am I allowed to please you too?’

‘Of course.’

We skipped so suspiciously happily to the stairwell and she freeed my bells and whistle again, ‘blowing’ on it as soon as it came into sight. Knowing that she didn’t have an upper time-limit, I kept my eyes on her every move to fully appreciate her effort, and at the same time learnt that she too, was closely monitoring my every physical response.

After five or so mind-blowing minutes, I helped her up and she politely asked what position I wanted her in.


She leaned over the railing, stuck her ass out, and arched her back down. It was, from my perspective, the ideal, core-supported stance I could ever imagined. I took my spot behind her and slid my cock right into her juiced-up pussy, unleashing my monster in a steady, rhythmic pace.

(I groaned) ‘Why.. are you wet.. already?’

(She moaned) ‘I.. I just get wet when.. whenever I come in.. contact with a dick.. ‘

Her slippery vaginal walls were on one hand, a joy to shove my cock through, and on the other, unforgiving in over-stimulating the raw nerves on my dick head.

No more than five minutes later, I was grunting and writhing, only for her to assure me that it was ok. We slowed down to an awkward stop and she very gently led me to a wall, where I leaned on with my knees ‘half-bent’ at her request.

She then went on her knees the second time and took me into her mouth again. This time, she moved faster and harder, perfectly replicating the life-changing sensation of her pussy. To that, there were no better indicators than my ego-crushing orgasm, filled with loud gasps and desperate pleas to no one as my balls were vacuumed dry.

(While she panted) ‘You didn’t hold my head.’

‘No I didn’t. I wouldn’t know how to do it safely at your speed.’

A smile then broke across her face as she laid her gorgeous brown her down, pulling my hand along to join her (to sit) on the steps. It was at that location where she shared more of her sexual history, mainly exes whom weren’t afraid to break her in return for their ‘ultimate’ pleasure.

Public sex in cars, staircases, park benches, pavilions, void decks, cinemas, changing rooms, toilets, clubs, were no stranger to her. Getting slapped, punched, pinched, choked, whipped, tied up, peed on, doodled on, photographed, shamed, cuckold, loaned, swapped, were also not too uncommon for her.

By then, I was the one feeling so broken that I just held her in my arms for a long time, patting her back and kissing her forehead while repeatedly telling her that those days are over. I had no idea how my impromptu prep-talk went since we only remained as flings, until she met someone worth making love to.

It was the sex we had during our short fling, that showed me how broken she was, when she became the one requesting me to ‘rape’, ‘hurt’, and ‘berate’ her. Things did get better towards the end, but definitely not gone before we broke contact.

If you are reading this, I hope you are in a better place now.

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