‘Oh my god Ginny.. what are you doing here so early?’

While it was one thing to see distant-but-familiar faces on the morning of my birthday, it was another, to see a barely-legal, teenage girl jumping around excitedly in front of my door. Since I mentioned ‘teenage’, it also meant that she was fashionably dressed too, in a black spaghetti top with lace-lined trims, and a pair of high-waisted denim shorts.

(Ginny exclaimed) ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY J! I just wanted to be the first person to wish you happy birthday – in person. And also give you your present before anyone. Quick, put this on!’

‘Are you going anywhere far?’

‘Nope! Just a few floors up where I kept your present.’

‘Haha. I hope it’s not really that big.’

Without wasting more of her time, I put on the blindfold and let her bring me into the lift, went up or down a few floors, before walking up two flights of stairs. At that point, I have to admit that I no longer knew where I was, though certain we were still within the building.

After she put my hands behind my back, placed me against a metallic ladder, did I realise where we really were – on the top-most floor below the roof.

‘Keep your hands there.. wait.. wait.. ‘

Whatever the surprise was, it was either a very lame gift, a very absurd present, or a ton of people on the other side of my blindfold. While my mind wandered further and further, I felt her hands against my arms again. And suddenly – ziiippppp

At once, I knew I was zip-tied, to no other than the ladder behind me. Following that crazy stunt, my boxers then dropped to my ankles before a pair of soft, cold fingers went around my cock-blocked-cock.

‘Hey hey hey.. what are you doing? I think this is going a bit too.. too.. ahhhh.. ahhhh.. ‘

One by one, my words floated away as her mouth began sucking on my flaccid cock. As to how I know it was (still) her, I could recognise her faint moaning voice as a result of breathing with a dick in her mouth. No balls or foreskin was left unturned as her lips reached farther down my shaft, until she was gagging.

By the time she ‘let me go’, warm saliva were literally dripping off my balls.

(Ginny asked breathlessly) ‘Ready for part two?’

‘What can I.. ‘

Giving up my futile response, her butt was next to come in contact with me, and yes, you guessed it. I was brought straight into her pussy and fucked backwards without a care. Even when my knees gave way and I tumbled onto the ground, she just went on her knees and continued fucking me, though I did thrust my hips for a few minutes while she was overwhelmed by her orgasms.

Things were beginning to get monotonous for us until pair of lips went right smack over mine, igniting a passionate, deep french kiss while I was helped onto my feet. The kissing lasted for as long as it took Ginny to replace my cock into her mouth, and also for my girlfriend’s body, whom I recognised through her lips, to start ‘jerking’ in a suspicious manner.

There was no need for me to guess what Maeve (my girlfriend) was up to once she whispered into my ear that she was getting fucked, to make my fantasy come true at the same time she was living her ‘dream’ – of seeing me getting pleasured by another girl. As we made out and got high to the dick and pussy of other people, she slowly peeled my blindfold off, to let me see the short queue behind her.

According her intermittment confession, they are all given permission to dump their D&D-free cum inside of her. As for me, the only request she had for me was that make full use of Ginny, as long as I cum inside her (my girlfriend), no matter mouth or pussy.

Once the five men were done with their work, we joined one of them in his 6-seater, driving up to a secluded spot of greenery for Ginny to express her sexual lust for me in its entirety. Maeve, on the other hand, sucked and stroked the ‘driver’ for entertainment while awaiting my cum, to satisfy her hunger where they call.

After the sun went down, the three of us, Ginny, Maeve and I, went for a dinner to thank G for her contribution, while Maeve broke another piece of news to us.

(Maeve sternly said) ‘So, I have already given permission to Ginny to meet you whenever she wants, and you can make it, but I want to extend that gesture to you too. But that doesn’t mean you go to her everytime you feel like having sex ok? I still want to please little J as often as you allow me to. That said, I guess you can cum wherever convenient when you’re with Ginny. As long as both of you take the necessary precautions ok?’

(Ginny gratefully said) ‘Sis.. I’m never going to take him away from you. I will always ask you along whenever it happens, and be more than happy for you to join in. But I can promise you.. he will be in good hands.’

(Maeve giggled) ‘Hehe. I’m so happy about this arrangement. Shall we head up now?’

(I asked) ‘Head up? Here?’

‘Uh.. Yes? I booked a room for the three of us! There’s still about.. three hours before your birthday is over? Let’s not waste any more time.’

That night, we went crazy on each other and fucked and sucked our morales away. The last thing we remembered was my two ‘accomplishments’. The first being, my tireless effort to cum at least once in both their pussies and mouths. And the second, as the girls’ first ‘all-out,girl-on-girl makeout’ sesh spurred by my spontaneous attempt to finger them while they laid side-by-side.

One to fuck, one to marry, what else can top that?

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