Car Vibes

‘Open your mouth.’

Unsure of why I reacted so blindly to that, I was mostly glad that it was a huge mouthful of Filet O’ Fish that I tasted. In my alcohol-laden, heavy-minded state, I was warned not to lay my hands on any of the food, lest I slipped or dropped something in the back of the car.

Laying uselessly like a good-for-nothing king, I did felt like a fish at one time, as all I had to do was open and close my mouth, while being fed. My heavy eyelids were slowly going down until I accidentally bit her finger, which happened a few more times until she ‘angrily’ reciprocated the same ‘pain’ – except that she ‘sucked’ more than ‘hurt’.

With my mind unconsciously drifting to one, dangerous spot, my shorts were getting uncomfortably ‘crowded’. It didn’t take long for her to run a hand down my belly, unclasped my belt, and broke my food bump out for a breather.

Her hand, continued southward until she was in my boxers, fingers stealthily ensnaring my rising manhood. I turned my head to look at her and all I saw was a smittened, cheeky grin, before I groaned in pain as she made a cringing face.

Keeping all the words to ourselves, her head disappeared out of my sight and the next thing I felt was an overwhelming jolt of pleasure, warmth and moisture channeling down my cock as her lips trailed along my shaft.

The following minutes consisted purely of my breathless gasps, agonising groans, and erratic writhing, leaving me more drained than satisfied of everything that happened. Once she was done with me, she moved herself into my chest and let me put my arms around her, even going as far as under her tube top, where a pair of B cups awaited my caress.

After a brief, fingers-to-nipples play, I brought my hand to her thighs where it faced zero resistance on its path up her denim skirt. Of all the underwear I was anticipating, like cotton, lace, or even a thin g-string, there was nothing like that underneath.

Nothing but a warm, moist slit waiting for my touch.

A single, middle finger slipped right through the wet folds and hit her clit immediately, triggering a mini-shiver that forced her legs shut.

(She whimpered) ‘I don’t want your fingers inside.’

As soon as she completed her sentence, she leaned forward onto her hands and went into doggystyle, save for the part where she lowered her body as close to the seat to maximise my maneuverable space.

‘Ok. I get it now.’

I laid on top of her with one foot on the floorboard and guided my cock right into her pussy, facing some unbelievable tightness that I had to ‘push through’. Once we got over the initial discomfort/ ache, it was an all-out carnage after that. Slamming and pounding her tiny ass relentlessly, she was moaning her lungs out as I was coping with the counterproductive tension inside of her.

Because her labia, or whatever the outermost opening was called, was the only narrow part, it basically acted like a cock-ring, restricting any backflow that might ‘shrink’ my cock. With a humongous erection bigger than my normal, she was darting in and out of consciousness as I banged her harder.

‘J.. J.. AAAA!! I.. I CAN’T.. NNNGGHHHHH.. ‘

Suddenly, she went into a forceful, uncontrollable fit that shook her to the point she could no longer compose herself. Similar to a fish on dry land, she flopped around until her strength abruptly disappeared, for me to regain my rightful position inside of her again.

She achieved two more orgasms that were more or less normal, and was once again thrown into confusion as I expended my remaining energy for my very own climax. Raising her (movable) leg outward as far as possible (like a frog’s leg), I made sure to drill deep and fast into her while resisting her pulsing vagina.

No more than two minutes later, my cock flopped out of her cunt and every urge (of mine) disappeared at once, for a good reason one way or another, too.

The spiteful little fighter then dragged me by my legs to place me under her chest, spread my knees wide apart, and devoured my cock with a flinch. This time, I grabbed hold of her head and fucked her face in increasing ferocity, until she proved capable to sustain a deep-throat.

It was that and there I poured my balls of cum down her throat, missing all her taste receptors that would only get their share when she licked me clean.

Staying pantyless and disheveled for the rest of the drive to my home, we managed to go for another round, in missionary this time. More emotions, more lust, more perspiration, and definitely more cum – going into her.

Truth to be told, that was the main reason she bought a car of her own.

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