(Maeve asked) ‘You said you like it sloppy right?’

(I excitedly replied) ‘Uh huh.. ‘

With my arms tied far away from me, and ankles spread so wide apart it hurt my glut, I was fixated on her (head’s) descend into my nether region, warming me boner-deep as her lips formed a seal around my manhood. In an almost-doggystyle-like position, every visible part of her body was a delight to watch, as she tirelessly bobbed her head up and down, in front of my convulsing belly.

After a few intense, never ending minutes of me trembling uncontrollably to her merciless, and even less forgiving blowjob, I was finally given some time to recompose myself, while she headed towards the bathroom that was somewhere behind me.

No more than a minute later, I heard the door opened and unfamiliar voices coming from the hallway. It didn’t take much longer for my suspicion/ curiosity/ fear, to be answered when I saw a distant, yet known, feminine figure appear in front of me.

Nothing was said but after they got over the giggling part, she stepped off the mezzanine staircase and stood beside one of my immobilised arms. Brazenly reaching under my pits, she put a hand around my cock and began playing with it, doing so in a more ‘explorative’ way than a sexual one.

As crazy as this whole ‘staycation’ had gone out of my expectations, what really left me flabbergasted was the ensuing sight, of four, naked-waist-down men coming up to where I was restrained. Once again, Maeve went onto her knees and resumed sucking me off, while one of the guys positioned himself behind her.

(Maeve let off an exasperated moaned) ‘Haaaahhh.. MMMM.. ‘

No matter how ‘satisfied’ she sounded, I felt an ache instead. All I could do was helplessly watch her get fucked while she was still pleasuring me, though there increasingly more (open-mouth) gasps to keep me distracted.

At some point, her friend made herself comfortable behind me, and initiated a handjob. I couldn’t believe how we were both moaning so endearingly, lusting desperately for each other while our bodies were clearly more stimulated by the outsiders’ help.

(Man 1 groaned) ‘I’m about to.. cum.. where should I.. UGHH!’

Maeve, with a spiteful look in her eyes jerked her hips backwards, sending her delicate pussy down his shaft as he gathered his footing, and remaining strength. Pounding her too forcefully for my liking, Maeve actually managed to slip me into her mouth a few times before the loud grunt sent shivers down her spine, diverting her attention to her pussy that was nearing climax as well.

At his last few ‘spurts’, my little girl gave me her guilty, regretful look, right before her arms gave way to a mind-blowing orgasm. To that, the hand stroking me moved even faster, re-energising my mood as the second guy parked his meat in her.

It wasn’t until the hand pumping my engorged cock became more gentle, did I realised what have she been up to. According to her, I grew bigger when the first guy came, and got even harder when the second guy began his tryst.

Friend then ducked under my arm, and skilfully maneuvered herself in between my legs. Her skirt and panties quickly came off and the next thing I know, her feet were by my butt, and pussy swiftly lowering itself over my cock. When I could finally lock gaze with Maeve again, my desire to see some form of ‘disblief’ was crushed.

A sly, cheeky smile only confirmed my doom, as we were both fucked at the same time. While her friend took her sweet time to ride and gyrate my senses to smithereens, Maeve was taking it fast and furious. Within minutes, the second guy came and went, leaving her for the third, and final load to be deposited.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when he rammed her even harder then the second guy, unleashing depths and speed that knocked the wind out of Maeve every two or three strokes. Seeing her sway left and right relative to her state of consciousness, I was caught between sympathy and anger.

(Man 3) ‘Cumming.. now.. ‘

Like a rocket blasting off the face of Earth, he kept a poker face as Maeve groaned for her life. Right after he was done, he backed away from her and let her hips fell onto the steps, where a narrow gap provided all the visuals I needed to see thick blobs of translucent fluid leaking out of her.

Once Maeve no longer required my attention, my senses rapidly returned to the gorgeous girl riding me. In less than two minutes, I was writhing and cringing and begging for her to get off me, while chanting my final warning over and over again.

‘Please.. get off me.. ‘

‘Ohhhh.. yeahhhh.. ‘

As pitiful as my last words sounded, it was spoken at the same time I erupted my liquid gold into her. Unlike how those guys probably felt, it was immensely calm, relaxing, and even liberating – for me.

Once her mission was over, she lifted herself up just high enough to ‘release’ my load over my shrinking dong, drenching it like how a snowcap looked. Maeve wasted no time in licking them up, and sucking on my deflated manhood before her friend even got out of the way.

A minute or so later, our room was once again quiet, smelling just of sex and nothing else. The rest of our evening was filled with cuddles, kisses, massages, and a hearty room-service meal. That half-hour we took to finish our dinner, was about how long the Viagra needed to take effect.

Somehow, night never came as we took turns ravishing each other, leaving no foreskin unturned, no cum remained, no genitals un-sore, and no one unspent. With each of her three pairs of panties getting soaked just seconds after she put them on, there were none left for our short trip to the breakfast-buffet line.

I hope she enjoyed the huge servings of man-cream all of us took so much effort to serve it deep inside her, minus the little snack she got out of me right before we left our room.

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