House Call

‘Can you help me take off my shorts first? I won’t be able to do it myself later.’

Very slowly, I pulled her yoga shorts down her thighs, passing each bruise under carefully so as not to worsen them. A task that usually takes no more than a few seconds turned into a minute long procedure, which none of us could be more happy once they were off.

Her choice of underwear, a narrow, thin thong, didn’t look that bad on her either.


‘Okok. Relax.’

I disinfected her wounds and applied the blue (iodine) solution we were all familiar with, over the cuts, enduring her tight, painful grasp on my arms as each one was tended to. By the time I was done with the last, and biggest bruise near her inner thigh, did I realised that she wasn’t holding onto me anymore.

‘Are you always this gentle with girls?’

‘No? Just you.’

‘Yeah right!’

As I packed the biohazard waste and medicine up, I was puzzled by how close she was watching me. When I was done with that, she asked me to carry her to the bed, and stay for a while longer.

‘You think you can clean me up with the wet wipes?’

‘You need to pay extra for this you know?’

I did as asked, without a reason to suspect her logical request. It just seemed like that was something I would ask a friend, rather than my family, to do as well.

Patting her down everywhere I made explicit requests to (access), she was down to nothing before we knew it.

‘What do you wear to sleep? Do you have an oversized shirt?’

‘I usually sleep naked.’

‘You know, those clothes hanging there don’t lie.’

Like me, she had a pair of loose-fitting shorts bunched up at the foot of her bed, obviously worn only for sleep.

‘Stop exposing me la. Can you wipe yourself too? You are going to dirty my bed.’

‘Do you even still have anything to expose? I can always leave my sweat on your bed for you to smell in case you miss me.’

Nonetheless, I cleaned myself up and let her pull me into bed, scurrying under the blanket she so quickly threw over us. In close proximity to such an athletic, able-bodied girl, combined with the kisses she covered my neck with, we quickly got sucked into the passionate-kissing mood, smelling like freshly-showered babies (scent of wet wipes).

(She whispered) ‘You can take the pain away.’

‘With Panadol?’

‘Fuck you la! With THIS!’

In a flash, her fingers were around my dick, stroking up and down so impatiently that it hurt. I too, in an attempt to ‘catch up’, cupped her pussy with my palm and let those fingers did the work, around her clit she so easily succumbed to. Not before long, we were masturbating each other while making noises her worried mum could not suspect otherwise, that her daughter’s ‘doctor’ was indeed, providing top-notch treatment.

(I asked) ‘Do you have a condom?’

‘No. But I’m on the pill. Does that help?’

Sigh No.’

She couldn’t look any more cuter when she kicked the sheets away, and tucked her elbows and knees in, bringing all my attention to the fair, perfect-looking mould of her pussy. Giving her the benefit of doubt, I pushed the tip of my cock in and let my hips did the rest of the work, blowing our minds away as inches after inches disappeared into her dark, moist cave.

(She whispered) ‘you are tearing me apart on the inside.. ‘

(I whispered) ‘you don’t make it any easier too. You are squeezing me to death there.’

Her delighted giggling was cut short once I began moving, slamming downward onto her vagina like a pile driver. As there were a few cuts on her forearms, I had to hold her hands over her head when she tried to push me away, to which made her even wetter.

Unable to stop the unmistakable, slurping noises while my cock was plowing her pussy, I had to go fast, like really fast. Within a few minutes of the speed bump, she climaxed so hard that I lost control seconds later, delivering the last blow so deep inside before I let my divers loose.

I wondered, how much did I actually poured into her to have made her smile so silly, and satisfied that she wouldn’t stop kissing all over my neck.

‘Can I take it out now?’

‘Yes. But very slowly.’

I raised my hips to let it slip out naturally, and got shoved aside so she could sit upright. From where I was ‘chucked’, I watched in disbelief as she blocked the entrance of her vagina with fingers, fail to keep ‘me’ inside, started licking the escapees off her fingers, and kept going back for more.

In the end, she touched herself so many times she simply rubbed herself to another orgasm, throwing dirty glances at me throughout it all.



‘More like fresh and yummy.’

Feeling like a used dildo, I put my clothes back on and exchanged numbers as she suggested, so she could arrange a ‘follow up’ of her injuries. Wearing just a thin piece of white, off-shoulder shirt, she showed me out of her bedroom door, and waved as I left her place.

Somehow, her mum was gleaming the whole time, as if she knew what happened in the room.

‘Young man, you can come over whenever you are free k?’

A part of me couldn’t wait to get out of there, and another part says I should check on her the next day.

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