Super Cool

(Rin whispered) ‘i don’t understand the show.’

‘just continue napping. I’ll wake you up when it’s over.’

‘I don’t want to.’

I had to admit that my mind wasn’t with her when I said that, given the fact that I only got the drift of the movie about a quarter way in. Without thinking much of her head resting on my shoulder, I paid my full attention to the dialouge-filled scenes until I felt her hand wriggling into my running shorts – a pair that had inner lining for ‘breathability’.

(She whispered) ‘can i?’

‘Yeah. I might be distracted though.’

‘that’s fine. Just don’t make any noise.’


I soon realised my mistake when her head slid downwards across my chest, and stopped on my lap. Expectedly, my first reaction was to look left and right, very slowly to find no one looking in our direction. In mere seconds, I learnt how elastic the waistband of this particular pair of shorts were when she easily pulled it below my balls. Her mouth, had instantly engulfed my cock in a much, much warmer place.

Then came the part where I held up my end to ‘not make any noise’. Her saliva, in contrast to the coldness of the theatre, felt hot as it trickled over my balls. There were no shortage of tingling sensations as her tongue darted left and right, going in circles, attacking the tip relentlessly. It had seemed, that keeping my eyes open were as difficult as breathing quietly.

On the first stroke of her deep throat, I couldn’t help but grabbed a bunch of her hair in ecstacy, resulting in a painful-but-pleasurable embedding of her nails into my knee. As she persevered, my grip on her hair loosened. Combining that silent, rhythmic blowjob with the dark, tranquil environment, my eyes gave up on the show I paid for.

She had just stumbled on this pace to keep me in the state between falling asleep and exhaustion. After a long time, she switched to her hand, that didn’t feel any less stimulating since my whole package was still covered in her saliva. By the end of the ninety or so minutes, all signs of indecency were hidden, inclusive of my wet, sticky junk.

(Rin said) ‘Let’s wait for them to go first.’

After what she put me through, that couldn’t come at a better time. We held out till everyone was gone, before making our way down the unkempt area of the cinema. Unlike usual, she stopped me halfway down the stairs, pointing out to a door we never knew what was behind it.

‘Can we see what’s there?’

She didn’t care for my answer and skipped to it, twisting the knob in such excitement and fear I was standing too far for. Only when I joined her behind the mysterious opening, did I understand why did she not go any futher. It was a server room, with most of the equipments shelved above our heads. And as how critical servers were hosted, super-cooled air was pumping through ventilation gaps in the wall.

‘fuaaaaccckkk.. it’s soooo cooooolllldd.. ‘

Somehow, even in complete darkness, she managed to find a corner away from the door (that has a viewing window), and whipped my cock out. By the time I got a sense of what position she was in, her back was already bent forward, ass stuck out, pussy at my dispense.

Just as I thought of engaging in some foreplay under her pleated tennis skirt, her overwhelming wetness proved otherwise for my concern.

‘jaaa put it innnn alreadddiiii.. ‘

Without further ado, I stuck my organic probe into her pussy and banged away, gripping her waist so hard so I could jerk her senseless. Pumps after pumps, my cock slipped so deep in that she queefed, at the same time moaning in a trembling tone. She was so juicy that I felt so little, but for a good reason. I was clocking record speed and duration for a single session of impromptu sex.

‘whyyyy aren’t you cummmingggg?’

‘Soon soon. Just hang in there.’

‘Hangingggg.. ‘

We were soon brought to our knees as I fucked her harder and faster, gradually diminishing her initial wetness. I was beginning to feel more on my cock, just as she moaned louder and louder.

‘Cumming.. Rin.. I’m cumming.. ‘


I exerted my last bit of energy into my hips and pounded the voice out of her, releasing my load as it came without restrains. The hot cum pouring into her flooded her tight pussy so quickly I got some relief from it as well.

Once we were done, she wore her panties back and we made our exit, just in time to hear footsteps walking down the stairs.

(Men talking) ‘How can there be a temperate spike in the server room?’

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