Quick Draw

Like everyday after work, I took a shortcut through the carpark to get to the main road where taxis would be abundant. However, just as I walked past a pillar, a lady’s scream came tearing through the ominous silence. Out of shock, I turned towards the voice and saw a teenage lying on her back on the carpark ground, dress pulled all the way above her bra, along with a guy no older than her, in a cumbersome pair of jeans he tried to scramble in.

(Guy called out) ‘WAIT! WAIT!’

Of course, I froze in my steps, unsure if it was fear or stupidity that stopped me. Within a few seconds, he was in front of me, looking worried and hesitant.

(I asked) ‘Yes?’

‘Do you want to fuck her?’

‘Umm.. No? I will just continue.. ‘

(He shouted) ‘DEAR! (whispering loudly) he wants to fuck you. (turning to me) just go.’

He didn’t wait for me to react and dragged me over to her, where she then sat upright to undo my pants. Like him, my jeans hung awkwardly at my thighs while she grabbed my disinterested cock in her hand, licking it like a Chupa Chups. Naturally, it grew to a more presentable length and she went on to suck on it diligently, giving me a treat equivalent to a male porn star. It was as though, I had asked for it or else they would be in trouble.

Once it was hard, she got on her feet and bent over, using my moment of contemplation to rub herself wet.

‘Mister.. are you going to put it in?’

‘No. You are going to put it in.’

I took a step closer to her rear so she could reach below for my cock, which was surprisingly so eager. In a second, I was tucked into her soft, tight vagina that was wet like a waterfall. At that stage, what more, or less could I do? I gripped her waist firmly and ignited my engine, thrusting forcefully into that horny little girl.

Not only did fluids start to trickle down my balls, droplets were also splashing onto the ground under our genitals.

(She yelped) ‘Baby!’

(Guy asked worried) ‘Yes? What’s wrong?’

(She moaned) ‘He is so.. so big inside me! I’m going to.. going to.. AHHHHH!’

As much as she tried to take on the powerful orgasm, she ultimately failed when she crashed onto the ground helplessly. Instead of being grateful for our concern, she pushed her boyfriend aside and yanked me onto my knees, impatiently replacing my cock into her pussy.

Now on our fours, I hammered the lights out of her and made moan like crazy. Pounding hard against her ass, the glimpses I caught of our interconnected privates showed me how close I was to turning her inside out. That firm grip of her pussy around the girth of my cock, it felt easier than it looked to slide in and out of her.

(She screamed) ‘FUAAAAAAA.. NGHHH!’

Her body abruptly fell forward and laid flat on the ground, trembles gradually growing, until a pool of liquid gushed out from under.

(I said) ‘Okay. I’m done here. Get her home safe.. ‘

(She pleaded) ‘Don’t go! Please! I’m ok now. I’m ok.’

In hell would I expect her to hold me like drugs to an addict. In the struggle for freedom, she spouted nonsense like how she would be my sex slave, give me sex anywhere and anytime, even to the point she berated her boyfriend.

For your information, I do not possess a mystical cock of godly length. It’s just six inches, or slightly under. That said, I did wonder, if he was THAT small.

Needless to say, her boyfriend took off disappointed, leaving me with that sex-crazed woman. To appease her, I resumed fucking her in doggy style still I came, inside her. Once the deed was done, we hopped into a cab I insisted would drop her off first, but guess who got off at her place?

The both of us.

We ended up continuing our tryst at her place until daybreak, when exhaustion finally caught up with us. I think it would be easier to say, that I didn’t get to see my cock much, with it being inside her most of the time.

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