Household Chores

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At fourteen, the only knowledge Jenson had about sex was that ejaculating felt good. His maid was a special one, which his dad employed a few years ago, she was just 17 then. Those days were the times where age verification could not be enforced very well, and his dad made full use of the loophole to hire Lati. Ever since she was found out about using her employers’ sex toys to masturbate, she was blackmailed into giving special ‘services’ and thankfully, she didn’t made a huge fuss about it since there was no sex involved. Plus, her wages could well cover her work and the extra chores.

Lati’s daily routine would be to give Sir a wake-up handjob, and taking it all down into her stomach for breakfast. It was just him that she had to serve as their only son was too young then. Three years later, her job scope extended to giving Jenson an introduction to sex, and keeping him satisfied.

Lati: ‘Boy? Today got no school right? Want to follow me to the market?’
Jenson: ‘It’s just six in the morning. Okay. I’ll go with you.’

She showered him, giving him a rub down everywhere, and his innocence protected him from erecting. Never once she found a hard on on her boy, but that day was about to come when he would learn all about feeling like a master. The trip to the market was a long one, she had to stock up a week’s supply of food, as his parents will be returning in a couple of days’ time from their trip in Europe.

Most of the day was in a rush as she tidied the house, and finally had the rest of the evening to rest. The thought about breaking Jenson into the world of lust was getting her shorts warm, and nipples all protruding from the old t-shirt.

Lati: ‘Jenson, are you busy?’
Jenson: ‘Yes Lati?’

Jenson shouted from his room at the second storey, partly glad that he had something to do. Living in this house made him felt lonely sometimes, with both parents often out working, he had no real friends to talk to, except Lati, who could replace his mum in terms of care and concern.

Lati: ‘Can come down help me?’
Lati: ‘Come come. Stand in front of me.’

He did as she asked and stood in front of her, looking directly into her neckline and missing out the temptation of the slight cleavage from her 34C boobs. Lati stuck her fingers into the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down, giving an excuse to check something. Though he was so pure, shyness was natural and he covered his thumb-width flaccid penis with his hands.

Lati: ‘Let Lati see something. To check if you are healthy.’

He released his hands and looked at the family portrait behind the leather seats, trying to ignore the awkwardness. Lati wasn’t surprised at his huge unerected penis, since his dad had the most beautiful eight inches of sex.

Lati: ‘Let me know if it get uncomfortable k? Jenson?’
Jenson: ‘Hmm.’

She took his dick and peeled the foreskin back, engulfing her nose with a fresh whiff of Johnson’s and Johnson’s body wash. She took a wet tissue and cleaned it up, sending a tingle through his body which made it grew larger slowly. Her eyes remained glued to it as she finished up wiping and watching it enlarge. As it reached about half of her master’s size, she took it into her mouth and suckled on it, as if trying to get juices out of it.

Jenson was close to fainting from the first sense of pleasure, but he held onto her bobbing head and tried to maintain his balance. After two minutes of wobbling on his feet, Lati got him to sit on the counter stool, which kept his feet on the floor so it would be of comfortable height.

Jenson: ‘Lati, I think it’s burning. It’s very hot down there. And big too. Is something wrong?’

Lati couldn’t be bothered to answer his questions, but continued coating more saliva over it and juicing it. The size stopped at about 6.5 inches, a cosy length tempting to slip inside of her desperate pussy. She continued blowing it with great skills, licking all over and pushing herself to go deeper each time, sending chills of warmth across his whole shaft.

Jenson: ‘What are you doing Lati?’

She finally stopped to give him her answer.

Lati: ‘I am helping you to release what is inside.’

Gently lifting his stiff testicles, it was full of chastity waiting to be given to the special one. Unable to bear with the rage in her shorts, she stood up and pulled her shorts off, already panty-less and waiting. Putting Jenson on the sofa, she knelt over him with both legs beside his thighs. Their height was perfect. At 14, Jenson was as tall as the 20 years old Lati, and this position allowed him to nibble on her bare breasts under those loose clothes.

There was one rule that Sir gave to Lati, only one. That was to never let anyone she was working under, to be troubled. Everything she did had to be of convenience to them. ‘Excuse me’ was the word that never came out of her. So she stuck to the rules. She slightly opened her labia with her fingers and lowered herself over his little mushroom, which didn’t seemed so little at all. The separation of her pussy lips was like taking the first breath of fresh air in her entire life, filling way up to her lungs. The¬†tunnelling through her pussy was way better than her own fingers, or any of her masters’ toys.

The warmth spreading through her pelvic was¬†indescribable. She could almost wanted it to stay within her for as long as she could, but the attention wasn’t on her, but Jenson. His head was on the sofa, resting and enjoying the wet and soft texture of her pussy. Then, Lati began moving up and down, slowly.

His penis was twitching in ecstasy, with the slight curve delivering the right pressure to her G-spot, Lati’s eyes were closed as well, savouring the goodness of the kid she was taking care of for close to four years. The scraping and stimulating of her vagina walls were getting ahead of her, normal pacing would send waves of orgasms to her head, through her clit and nipples. It was the third she received as Jenson remained in the position he was placed in.

As her hips moved forward and backward to her fourth climax, Jenson’s eyes opened wide and hugged Lati’s waist tightly, doing hip-raises to cover the full length of penetration. She knew he was close to his first ejaculation, that gave her enough reasons to receive his virgin load of sperms as a welcome gift. Her pussy lips tightened and smoothly slid up and down, cooled by the ever renewing juices coming from within.

Jenson: ‘Lati, it’s exploding!’

She gave him the tightest squeeze and sat onto his slouched body, pussy-to-balls, was the phrase to describe it. It swallowed the whole length of meat, and was sucking Jenson’s life out of him, churning out warm gushes of sperms, travelling up her hungry pussy walls, into her yearning womb. For once, she kept his spent rod inside her for the longest time she felt.


It was a job well done, giving herself a nice reward after all these years of servitude. She got off her little exhausted Jenson and gave him a short blowjob, cleaning up her expended magic stick (for the day). After the oral cleaning, she sent him into the toilet for another quick wash before sleeping with him.

Well, I guess all that happened this very day would be more than enough for you guys to imagine yeah?

Part 1 | Part 2

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