Day Two

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Under Jenson’s blanket was a bulge that couldn’t forget what it had experienced the night before, it was sitting there, raised and awaiting. He had a great night of sleep, into the Saturday that would be filled with activities. Lati was already awakened at 6am, whipping up the most tantalizing breakfast not seen for a long time. After everything was done, there was only one thing left on her morning to-do – waking little Jenson up.

She pushed on the slightly ajar door, tiptoed beside his bed and gave him a soothing stroke on his back. It was routine, that was what she did to wake him up everyday, but today, it was different.

Lati: ‘Jenson, turn over.’

He did so tiredly and she lifted the blanket away, easing the tension of his dick that was trapped beneath. Taking it into her mouth, she gave a gentle flick on the pee hole and started swallowing it whole, going in and out of her mouth, squeezing ever lightly as not to damage the new toy. Jenson could only groan and moan in response. Since last night, he stroked himself hoping to recreate the wonderful feeling of a warm environment that Lati gave with her mouth, but it would never be the same.

Her mouth moved quicker as she felt his hand on her head, pulling her mouth deeper. With a jerk, the jet released the tasty yoghurt onto her tongue, shooting all over her teeth and finally spewing under her tongue. Lati pulled away and swallowed her breakfast, before helping Jenson out of his bed. Surely, anyone would be awake during the moment of explosion.

Lati’s day was pretty much fixed, doing chores and running errands. But there was always time for sex. When she gave him his morning bath, his warm stick was taken care of by her pussy, the only way to clean him gently and thoroughly. He was unknowingly doing doggy-style as she bent over the tub, with her knees on the bathroom floor. He was going slowly, since it was her who always did the work. But soon realised that if he wanted to cum, he had to do a little exercise. So he did.

His small hips was slapping onto her butt, echoing moans through the toilet as she received the special treatment from one of her masters. With uncontrolled thrusts, the second load of morning goodness filled her with cum, serving a pleasant view of a cream pie. Since he would be dirtying his clothes if she had to please him around the clock, Jenson was allowed naked around the house, playing games and doing homework.

Lati knew he was addicted to the out-of-this-world sensation, but did not let him abuse her availability either. Most of the times, she said no. And explained that mummy didn’t know of this secret his dad and he had, so it had to remained as a secret. Jenson sort of knew that it wouldn’t be good to jeopardize this pleasurable act, so he promised to keep his words. This little family secret had better be well-kept.

Lati had a growing desire for Jenson inside. He was always on her mind, and images of his penis in her mouth, pussy, hand were like an overhead projection, unable to go away no matter how much work she drowned herself in. There was nothing more she could ever desire, the scent of his penis.

Evening came and went with a dinner, and a short shopping trip at the mall. Lati even bought a pack of condoms so she could teach Jenson the safety aspect of what they were doing. After a little explanation, he understood and let Lati rolled the condom on, skilfully with her mouth. Apple was her favourite food anyway. Well, introduction to condom was done quickly and proper work had to be done.

Lati went down on him again, this time, with her knees on the foam mat he played on when younger, in the living room, that had its curtains drawn to block out public eyes. She was definitely becoming Jenson’s personal cum dump, taking every bit of his sperms into her body, with no ounces of it wasted. Her head was going lower and deeper, while Jenson was seated on the sofa, body arched forward to stick his dick out as much as possible. The scent of his pubic was turning Lati on way beyond what her mind could take.

It was a special evening, as she went against her master’s instructions and sprinkled a little crushed Viagra pill into the food, resulting in an elongated manhood, throbbing and screaming full of life. Jenson held her head and pushed her down on himself, letting Lati breath through her nose as she handled the depth the deepthroat had gone. Every breathe was filled with his smell again.

Finally, within minutes of deepthroat, he sent his first wave of soldiers down her throat, bewildered by the ever-standing meat stick of his. Something inside him was glad that it remained strong, meaning a second round or even more. He got off the sofa and onto the mat, still leaning against the expensive leather 4 seater, Lati got onto top of him and did the squeezing cowgirl again. This time, his dick was keeping her pussy well filled, leaving no area neglected inside of her. Every time she went down, it would push its way through the pulsating virginal walls, and each lift off was creating an unbearable vacuum that needed to be filled. The occasional farting sound wasn’t really escaping gas, but the noise of her pussy pressure balancing with atmospheric pressure.

He stayed strong for as long as he could, which gave Lati up to six orgasms before his dick exploded the second time, pumping her full of life and vigour. Deciding she could take no more of his lust, she selected the app displaying about a hundred sex positions and asked him to randomly picked one. Of course, since he enjoyed her mouth, the finale should end with that too.

Placing his juice covered dick back into her throat, the wall behind Lati’s head couldn’t give much space to escape. Jenson was in a half-squat position, with Lati in front of his crotch, taking his you-know-what like a slut. Giving his last bit of energy, he rammed his manhood between her thin pink lips, going as far and fast as he could. The tightness around her throat was unlike her pussy, warmer and wetter. It was a sensation that turned him on and made him harder too. The torture lasted a good 20 minutes as the delay was caused by the previous two times he unloaded. Lati had tears running down her cheeks then, but it wasn’t helplessness, it was gratitude and pleasure that triggered it.

Her two fingers were dipping in and out of her forgotten love hole, filled with precious cum that her master gave, mixed with her own juice. It was the nicest cocktail of translucency, containing the hours of love and sex they had together. A choke ended her fantasy and all she could do was to keep swallowing, welcoming the spent rod for the last time of the day. It had gone limp, but remained huge. When he pulled it out, the length did surprised her, but it was that which her pussy desired.

After cleaning up by her mouth and later with body foam, she sent him to bed and slept with him inside of her. I wonder how different would things get after her employers return.

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