Wrong Side

Like any other guy, girls in FBTs would draw attention and there she was, walking leisurely in front of me in the lesser visited store. It was an impulse to visit Art Friends to replenish my already-overwhelming stockpile of fancy paper.

Me: ‘Excuse me.’

I tapped on her strong shoulder and she turned around outside Mos Burger. Her pretty face was gentle, with a dash of schooling stress. Similar to any school girls you would see wearing casually to get something at the mama shop. I needed to send a message to her fast, before anymore embarrassment accumulated.

I nudged her to a corner and whispered not too closely in case I scared her.

Me: ‘I think you wore your shorts the wrong way.’

She stared down and dare not look up at me.

Me: ‘You should quickly correct it. I think some other people saw.’
Girl: ‘Could you cover me? I’ll just change here. There are no cameras around.’

True enough, there was none. She turned me around to face her and she pulled her FBTs down – pantyless.

Me: ‘Aren’t you afraid? Or at least shy?’
Girl: ‘You must have been watching me long enough to notice it, and I seriously didn’t think I could be so clumsy.’

She quickly flipped her shorts around and noticed the vigour growing in my pants. I wasn’t someone who would dress up to go anywhere, let alone town.

Girl: ‘Thanks. I’m Victoria. You?’
Me: ‘I’m Singapore. Kidding. I’m J.’
Victoria: ‘It’s your turn to get awkward huh? With that bulge.’

Not sure if she realised she just served me a downblouse, but the pair of big pau sized goodness, encased by a lacy translucent black bra was the triggering factor. She was portrayed as a kinky slut in my mind. Focusing back fast on her, my face glowed red and heat was all going to my cheeks.

Me: ‘Sorry. I couldn’t help it with that lace.’
Victoria: ‘Oops. Okay. This is getting awkward. Shall we go somewhere else?’

The seats outside the restaurant by the corner was where we rested, talking about her bravery and adventurous spirit. Victoria didn’t seem to think too much of it, compared to the ease and convenience of ‘shopping in comfort’.

Beside the restaurant was lifts, and across were the toilets. I guess that was all that’s on my mind. Not sure about her though, so why not find out? I excused myself to go to the loo and asked if she wanted to wait for me outside. Her answer wasn’t one I expected, it was better.

Victoria: ‘I could use it too.’

Luck was on my (our?) side. No one was around, so I figured the next move was to enter the handicap one. Since it’s fit for both genders and enough space for two person of different genders as well. Pushing into it, I went in and held the door open, looking at her with all my courage stuck for a second, in my throat.

Me: ‘You coming in?’

Skipping all waiting moments, she came in and I locked the door, tugging it to double check our privacy.

Victoria: ‘You first? You’re in more discomfort than I am.’

True enough, the bulge was getting too obvious and to restrain it any longer would result in a catastrophic hormone rage. I unbuttoned my pants and it fell onto the floor. Her eyes was watching through the mirror, at the throbbing beast.

Me: ‘I can’t per like this. Help?’

Her shorts and top went off and strewn onto my shorts I kicked away. Bending over the basin, she took her comb and tidied her hair. Be it intentional or accidental, her hips was perched at the perfect angle. Rubber or no rubber didn’t matter. I stood behind her and filled her in. The sheer tightness and wetness drove all my senses into red alert, pushing the ‘stop’ button to hold back my burst of cum.

Me: ‘You’re tight!’
Victori:: ‘Serious? Means you got me really horny too. Cause my body response to skilful teasing more than physical ones. Your lucky day I guess.’

She couldn’t be more right. It WAS my lucky day. My stick went on to do its work. While her pussy got tortured gracefully by the size of me, stroking her insides thoroughly, giving the most fulfilling clean job. Doggie was her favourite position, as her G-spot was right at the end of her tunnel. Every thrust stimulated it, and she would bend her back even lower, taking all the pleasure.

As the seconds ticked away, my pacing was tougger hard to maintain and the times where I had to slow down was getting frequent. Fortunately, her body was receiving too much of the madness that she had to end it and rest.

Victoria: ‘Finish it boy.’

The longest slow lane was ending and the expressway was in sight. My dick took a pause inside her as the sensitivity dropped drastically. I needed more time.

Me: ‘Ready? Are you sure?’
Victoria: ‘Just give it to me already! Or do you want me to extract it out of you?’

Her perspiring flushed face was giving a grin across her lips as she finished her sentence. I don’t know what it meant, but I would definitely want to be the one ending this. Closing her legs slightly, her slit got even closer around my meat.

I gathered all my energy and rammed her hard, moans muffled by her hands over her mouth, slapping sounds from our genitals were barely echoing in the well ventilated cubicle. Every out stroke was stretched longer by yanking it almost out, and injecting back into the abyss. Within a minute, the head got so worked up with sensitivity that I knew it was micro-seconds away from filling her up.

Me: ‘Where do I unload?’
Victoria: ‘Mouth!’

The withdrawal cocked the revolver ready, and as her warm mouth sent my dick into another darkness, her tongue welcomed the incoming juice with a tickle, along with a mild suction. My shaft gave its all and shot every single rounds I had. And as very squirt, her face buried deep into my pubic, milking me with the swallowing reflex of her throat.

Thirty seconds later, I was done. Victoria got up and combed her hair once more, before putting on her shorts, in the correct direction, followed by her t-shirt.

Victoria: ‘Not relieving yourself?’
Me: ‘Huh? Didn’t you just helped me?’

We exited the toilet and resumed our shopping. After that, we went our separate way, keeping the unusual encounter in the darkest and naughtiest part of our minds.

*What’s this slip of paper doing in my bag?*

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