Slumber Party

A warming energy travelled down Clarissa’s nose, to her small mouth painted in a glossy pink lipstick, moving across her yellow halter bikini top, tingling the areola. Well, that was just the beginning of an adventure which will bring her senses for a wild ride. The two-level chalet near Changi Beach was jointly shared with two other couples, whom the girls (BFFs) brought along to help carry their stuffs, huge portions of food and do the cooking. Luckily, Eric and Benjamin were nice guys. With no intention to involve their boyfriends, these three guys (including me) were merely friends, at least on the surface. We, three, guys were sharing jokes and gossiping as we slaved away cooking and bringing food to the girls. Much of the day passed with enjoyable moments laughing and tickling while strolling on the beach, swimming in the lap pool and ending with a barbecue.

Clarissa and her two friends, Rel and Choi Ying were close friends, to an extent they even fantasized about sharing guys together, but thankfully, such a situation had not happened with their different taste for guys. Anyone could easily tell that their family backgrounds were similar, from their courteous upbringing, to their selective choice of clothes and outfits. Standing at 178, Choi Ying was the tallest among them, owning a toned body from the netball practices. Rel, was slightly shorter, but her slim frame made her a living fantasy of any men. Her waist was one you could easily picture holding while in doggie style, no matter in a cramped public toilet or on the bedsheets. Her skin was also one you could drop her dress with no resistance, especially on her baby face which innocence will turn you on even more. Clarissa was quite the tiniest of them, but don’t let that small frame trick you into thinking she was easily dominated. At 165, her mystically slender limbs contained power and speed that guys had problems matching in the pool. Okay, now that I am done introducing them, let me proceed.

The scent from the vaporizer Eric brought wasn’t a normal one. The girls were soon stirring in the bed to ease the sexual urge that was building up, forcing their minds to seek relieve between their legs. But with these three guys sleeping mere inches away on the mattress beside, it was impossible to get off without a single bit of moans escaping.

Clarissa wasn’t going to wait any longer. She hopped out of bed in her oversized white Singapore Poly T-shirt and a pair of red FBT shorts, came to my side and sat beside, ready to go out for a walk. Little did this ladies know, Eric had ‘prescribed’ a mild stamina drug to us, and went on as planned, to start the aroma ‘therapy’.

Clarissa: ‘Hey, you asleep? I can’t sleep. Could you accompany me for a walk?’

Even my half-closed eyes could make out the erection under her shirt, well, I was just pretending to be asleep. None of us could with that raging hard on in our pants. There was no hiding. I agreed and slipped on our beach footwear and left the building which was filling up with pheromones. Her icy cold hands met mine on the way to the coast and I guess my warmth was all she needed.

Me: ‘The sea smells so nice. Why don’t we go for a dip?’

She was already wet, just short of a place to free herself. Maybe this was what she needed.

Clarissa: ‘But I don’t have my bottoms.’

Me: ‘Just go bottomless? The water is quite clean.’

Clarissa: ‘Then you go bottomless too!’

There was no lights nor people around. The empty lifeguard post served as our pick-up point for our shorts. My erection was seriously making me awkward as it swung left and right. I pulled her hand and paced into the cold water, wading out into the sea. Not too far out though, we wouldn’t want to be swept into ocean. Clarissa’s arms were around my neck to weigh ourselves down from the underwater currents, as we clung onto each other, I felt her toes gripping my dick. She was really on her toes this time huh?

Clarissa: ‘Someone’s horny huh?’

Her big and index toe began moving up and down, inflicting a slight pain as the rough waters made her movements random. The mixture of pain, cold water, and pleasure was new, but subjectively appealing. I was rendered helpless as my hands couldn’t reach her, meaning she had total control of me for a while. This while didn’t lasted long as the choppy waters calmed, and so did she.

Like a koala bear, she manoeuvred around in front of me and slipped lower slightly to the perfect height for penetration. With some space between our genitals, I guided my ship into harbour which welcomed me with warmness. The journey to the centre of her was a smooth and easy one, well-lubed with the blend of nature-made fluid. She started bouncing up and down, generation micro-waves that followed a rhythm. As my dick went in and out of this legged mermaid, my middle finger was behind her, and drilling into her virgin ass.

Her pussy tightened about threefold as I eased my finger in and out, close to three finger bones deep. The pressure of her vagina was perfect to speed things up even more, causing tiny whirlpools to form around us. The water temperature could have well rose with this two sex-filled mortals procreating in the middle of the night. The waves helped the thrusts to reach deep into her, buoyancy assisting her up-down movements to be much harder.

Clarissa: ‘Why don’t you seem to be cumming despite how tight I’ve gotten? Oh god, your fingers are getting me wild.’

Our deep-sea adventure lasted for as long as I remembered with no signs of tiredness nor concern for the world. But all good things have to come to an end right? The thirty minutes of time bomb had finished counting down and had to blow.

Me: ‘Clare, I am about to cum. Where do I…’

She pushed herself off my blood / sperm filled dick and disappeared into the water, then devouring my stick into her mouth, and continued the warm treatment, which felt crazy in contrast to the temperature of the sea. In the fifteen seconds or so she was down there, her sucking was as fast as the resistance allowed, and that was all I needed for the launch.

My hands gripped her hair and pulled her mouth closer in, squirting the precious swimming organisms down her throat. She unhurriedly slid her mouth out and emerged at the surface, with a smile. Splashing water at her face and lips, there was no need to see if she swallowed. The depth was at such a level it would all neatly flowed like water down her gullet.

After a bit more frolicking, we left the beach and headed back to the bedroom, just in time to find the two couples interlocked in some oral fun positions. Of course, we didn’t interrupt and made our way to the kitchen for more dry land pounding. Then again, how could I resist going back and topped a few more droplets of the ‘magic’ essence into the vaporizer.

I hope Clarissa didn’t notice the few drops of concentrate into her drink before we went crazy for the second time in the night.

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