Household Contribution

‘Dad, I’ll be home before ten tonight. I’m going out with my friends’, said Lia to her dad. The recently-turned-eighteen year old girl brought her feet dangerously high onto the couch, exposing an inch of her lacy green panties under her skirt to her father who was reading the papers as she put on her toe socks. For that night, she had dressed up extra sexily, filling her floral print, light green off shoulder-crop top with her well-toned figure, along with a tight, white, mid-thigh length skirt that wrapped closely to her thighs.

‘Stay extra safe tonight, and give me a call if you are spending the night out yeah?’, the distracted father flicked his newspaper upright but was crumpled down when Lia pushed his hands away for a cheek kiss. Getting a good downblouse view of her white bra, his dark complexion managed hide his embarrassed face from her. Knowing fairly well that it might be awkward for girls to still be giving kisses to their dads, he found the need to reassure her of his awareness of her love, ‘You know you don’t have to do that right? You’re a grown up now.’

‘I know. Actually dad, before I leave, I have something to ask you’, Lia fell on her bum next to him after completing that sentence and kept his big hand in hers. Looking at her suspiciously, he was sure she was about to ask for extra money for that somehow-special night. ‘Yeah?’, his mind wandered to where his wallet was and she gave him an even cheekier big smile.

‘I wanted to know. Why haven’t you fucked me yet.’ Her wide eyes stay fixated on his dad’s sudden change of expression, showing her how bewildered he was at question. Having adopted her at a very young age, he made it a point to tell her of her parental status as soon as she was old enough, around the age of ten. Despite that, the beautiful, light skinned Malay girl still addressed him as ‘daddy’, and perhaps with even more love as she grew up under his unconditional care.

Dumbfounded by shock and disappointment, he asked in a firm tone, ‘how did you even come up with that? Aren’t you running late?’ No matter how much (which was merely a few times when he caught her in compromising attire/s) he fantasised about her, those thoughts were never meant to be realised. The single dad had chose to adopt because of his wish to have a child, and still live his carefree life with the women he occasionally lust for.

Unknown to him, the young lady knew about the girls he brought home, all during the nights when she was supposed to be asleep. ‘Do you think I am not more deserving of you than them?’, one word, ‘them’ stood out from that line and got him where he never imagined to be possible. The regretful dad immediately promised to never bring strangers home again, but what she meant, was further explained by her moving hand, gliding up his shorts with periodic squeezes.

‘No! That will not happen between us!’, he quickly stopped her advance in his loose shorts with determination, changing his ‘caring’ look into an ‘angry’ one to scare her off. She lost her coolness upon hearing that, and stuck her other hand into his other thigh before he could take her hand out.

The little problem with just taking her hand out, that was how she would wriggle deeper towards his groin each time he relaxed his grip – on either side of his legs. His resistance gradually got them into a small fight, with him crashing into the floor on his back with his feet still on the couch. Taking that very chance to pounce on him, both her hands went right through those wide openings (of his shorts), to his dick where she swiftly got a hold of his extending shaft.

‘Daddy, just let me have it will you?’, her plea went unheard as he tried to crawl away from her on his back, dragging her upper body off the couch to form a ‘bridge’. Shouting ‘STOP IT LIA!’, those words went now where as she stuck her fingers OUT of his waistband and yanked at the middle part to bring her knees to the ground, at the same time lowering his shorts to expose his rising pole of greatness.

Once her knees found their place on the tiled floor, she headbutt his belly to weaken him in pain for a few seconds to let her take his cock into her mouth, consuming her mind momentarily with that overwhelming salty-sweet taste of his manhood. ‘GET. OFF. ME!’, a bite abruptly ended his harsh yell, signalling her dominance over him for that night. He could very clearly feel her teeth scratching the underside of his dick, almost scraping his foreskin off if not for his compliance.

‘OW OW OW! OK OK! I’m going to stop fighting! Don’t bite it anymore please.. ‘, his strength disappeared almost instantly when she started sucking him proper, gliding her tongue up and down all eight inches of him with much obligation. As a modern Chinese dad, the values instilled in her was full of filial piety, respect, and love in exchange for the same from others.

That fateful night, all of those morals went away to the mesmerising of her glib tongue, pleasing him on the cold, hard floor of the three room flat. The dutiful, sensible daughter stripped his shirt, shorts off without any difficulty, as he did the same to get her naked. When lust takes over his mind, not even he could stop himself from going insane.

Since he stopped bathing her at twelve, it was the first time in years that he felt her soft skin up close. Not only were her breasts soft and squishy, they held their weight on her chest perfectly. Feeling her daddy’s warm hands massaging them, she couldn’t help but whispered her size to him, ’32Bs’.

A small, old, booster pillow went below his head as she tried to make him more comfortable, while sending explosive, violent shivers up his spine. Somehow, seeing him so pleased had turned her on a lot, without a single contribution to the household for as long as she had been alive. This was the first, and the most memorable thing she would ever do for him.

‘Daddy?’, she got his attention as she made her last dive down his shaft, staying at the base of his cock till she began gagging. The worried father immediately lifted her head off his erection and sat up, giving her a forehead kiss that screamed ‘grateful’. Seeing how things have gone anywhere but right, he looked deep into her eyes and took a deep breath.

‘Should you tell your friends you will be late?’, he voiced his concerns that melted Lia’s hard, throbbing heart. He had remained thoughtful of her plans despite the little importance of her friends compared to what was happening then. She never understood how a man would think of something else besides the positions, contraceptives, comfort, slick-sex-moves, when sex was about to be unleashed.

With a small, appreciative smile, she told him the truth – that there was no plan to go out, and she had dressed up for him. Everything that went wrong, managed to start falling into place when he carried her like the little girl she was, and went into her bedroom for her bed. In his eyes, she will always be his little girl, who will be given all she asked for.

Lying in the familiar scent of her pillows and blanket, he took control the moment he went between her legs, and parted them for her. The sight of him bending over for her pussy was most unbelievable, and even more so when jolts of electricity started shocking through her clit. Every flick of his tongue sent her moaning louder, and every second his weathered fingertips vibrated, kept pushing her closer to an orgasm.

The father-of-one was giving her the best treat of her life, experience gathered from the countless women she heard him fuck. Right then, everything became clear to her, to why they would get so loud that he had to hold their heads in his pillow. Her body wouldn’t stop shaking to his relentless teasing (on her clit), forcing her mind to yearn for something she should not have.

Gathering all her energy, she finally mumbled the words that her body had been waiting for, ‘Daddy.. I want you inside me.. ‘. In the dark, his muscular silhouette rose from the shadows, and a long silence followed. When he left her bed, she could then calm down and think about what was he getting.

The unmistakable sound of a condom wrapper broke the silence and it made his little big one a little reflective when he put it on. And now, for the ‘climax’ of the night, her knees were pushed to the sides and held down. Very torturously, he began docking into her pussy an inch deeper every thrust, careful enough not to hurt as much as he wanted to just ‘shove it in’.

When they stayed motionless for the first few seconds after his penetration, she took note of what she was going through. Besides the pleasure bombarding her senses, her thoughts couldn’t find somewhere to settle. They were just floating around without an anchor. ‘Ready?’, her dad’s deep voice brought her back to reality and all she could see clearly were the shimmering stars in front of her father’s sturdy build.

That sexperienced man waited till her breaths were stable, before thrusting at gear one. Sliding his cock rhythmically, the diminishing friction against her vaginal walls was his cue to move faster. As he picked up speed, her muscles were squeezing and relaxing, as if pumping nerve-calming chemicals through her tense body. ‘You’re really tight Lia!’, his loud groan trembled to her clit with a satisfied moan from her, charging him up to go even faster at his blissful-looking girl.

She was wet, but not too much to still deliver that gentle, tugging motion along his penis. He was taking every orgasm she had, though it was getting hard to do so with her pussy getting tighter.

After he got too exhausted to move, they finally collapsed and she had to help him to the bathroom, where she would then douse themselves with warm water. Sitting him on toilet (with the cover down), she made sure his back was against the tank. As she could not let their night end without relieving the pressure in his balls, she stood on the stool he once sat on to shower her. With her hands holding onto his parted knees for balance, Lia lowered herself ass first, fitting his cock right into her pussy.

Feel his hardness piercing through an overpowering small, fleshy gap, her touching knees were causing that mind-blowing sensation on his cock. ‘Ready?’, a grin broke across her face as she saw her dad raising his arms lifeless lay to push her off. Ignoring his feeble attempts to lift her away, the slapping-loud landings over his dick gave him a fresh set of energy – just enough for dirty groans.

The hyperactive girl then bounced really fast and deep on his groin, swallowing his cock with increasing wetness, till that incoming urge to cum drove him mighty. He lifted her ass off with both hands, but could not pick himself up at all. Lia understood his intentions and did not oppose his wishes, instead, sitting down in front of his twitching cock and took it in her mouth.

To her surprise, he actually grabbed her hair and shoved her head into his pelvic, using his girl’s skilled orifice as the delivery exit. Within three minutes, his cries had echoed in the bathroom at an increasing volume.

‘NOW NOW! ARGHH!!’, his last word opened the flood gates to his semen, squirting forcefully over her tongue over and over again. Coincidentally, the tantalising fluid containing euphoric properties triggered an orgasm on her side, summoning a subtle wave that fired pulses of uncontrollable twitches across her limbs. The caring father just held her for as long as she thrashed about, and finished soaping and rinsing her up like old times.

After drying her, he put her in his bed naked, unable to resist himself from massaging a small amount of baby oil all across her body, before dusting a thin coat baby powder on her.

‘Thank you daddy’, her sweet voice drifted into his ears as she hugged his arm close, so he would sleep next to her. For now, there won’t be a need to bring anymore women into his house. There was nothing more thankful to have a girl, more precisely, a daughter, that would serve him in that special way.

‘Goodnight baby’, his last words accompanied her to sleep, for new days with more adventures to come – starting from the next morning when she woke him up with a blowjob on his morning wood.

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