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At 8am sharp, the doorbell rang to the ad-hoc housekeeper recommended by a good friend, James. As discussed, for the price of fifty dollars, she would clean the house for three hours, a deal I initially thought was too good to be true. That morning, James was there as well, accompanying her to my doorstep to make sure she found the right address. Leaving her in my care, he left in a hurry and told me to pass her the cash after she was done.

For a start, I wasn’t exactly used to having a maid, even for a few hours. Seeing how well she was coping in the kitchen, I went back to my room where I had kept all my valuables, to continue sleeping. Unknown of how much time has passed, I jolted awake when she rattled the door open.

‘I have cleaned the whole house. Left this room.’, she spoke in fluent English and I was prepared to let her skip my room, since it was in a mess I didn’t want disturbed. Reaching for my wallet, I couldn’t be bothered to check her work and wanted to pay her for whatever she had done, ‘I’ll pay you and you can wait until James come back.’

‘No no! He will be angry if I didn’t do my job’, her voice turned high pitched when I handed her the money, confusing me further. Sensing her distress, I went out to the living room and check the whole house to see a job well done. As far as I was concerned, everything was neat, dust/ grease-free, floor squeaky clean.

‘You did a good job. I’m happy. I’ll add twenty for you.’, that should make her a little less worried, I thought wrongly. Before I could understand what was making her so flustered, I realised there was at least an hour left. ‘Do you want to sit down and talk?’, her eyes gleamed as soon as I said that, and we began chatting.

‘My job is to make you happy, cleaning house is another thing.’, the way she looked at me was unnerving, as my mind began to wander to what might be behind the scene of this whole ‘ad-hoc housekeeping’ deal. A young, teenager of Malay bloodline, brought house-to-house for three hours.

‘What do you mean by making me happy?’, I asked with a doubtful tone, which she understood immediately. She was totally trained for such ‘act-blur’ moments when she began stripping her t-shirt and small shorts off, revealing a set of white thin, see-through lingerie. Her seamless transition to my body got my bottoms off in no time, beginning her ‘work’ for real.

She stroked my growing erection with some saliva, making it so slippery and kinky when she slid her fingers all over it. As much as I hate to say, this girl is well-trained. I sat there lazily, and watched her mouth went over the tip, taking it deep throat as soon as she began. I was given the royal treatment right there and then, on my couch. This sweet, little thing was almost self-entertaining when she slurped me up and down non-stop, listening to my helpless groans for each time she swirled her tongue around the sensitive tip.

‘Sir.. Can you sit up?’, she reached her hand out for me and I let her help me up, followed by her sensual hand movements down my chest to spread my thighs. ‘What is this you are doing?’, I had to ask when she turned herself away from me, and was rubbing herself out of my sight.

‘I am not wet enough just now. So I rub a bit. It’s okay now.’, she placed one hand on my shoulder and sat down on my dick, unrolling a condom she held right under her pussy. In slow, timed pace, she went up-down enough times to cap me on fully, leaving no gap between us as she started fucking me.

‘Sir.. Lie down and enjoy okay?’, she was grinding me so skilfully with her ass sticking out, bouncing without so much her thighs touching the sofa. Needless to say, I was just lying there like a bum, pleased by one of the king’s concubines. Without anything much to do, I shut my eyes and let her ride me out.

Shameless or shameful to say, I came after five minutes of high-speed reverse cowgirl and she completed the package by cleaning me up with her mouth. ‘Can I go shower and wait for James?’, the question made me felt really guilty about what I just made her do, and I spent the rest of the thirty minutes in silence, thinking about what James was actually up to.

Almost an hour later, James returned and we had a smoke outside, also to get some feedback about this ‘girl’. After that chat, he spoke to her in private, bringing some new updates to her. In exchange for the accommodation at my place, she would do the housework for me. And on top of that, fulfil her other ‘task’ whenever I wanted.

Living alone has its perks, and ever since she stayed with me, we have been fucking all over the house as often as either of us wanted it. It didn’t take much for me to put her under my own company as an ‘expat’, drawing a salary a few times higher than her previous income from that sleazy job offer of James.

Free from James, she is now mine to do everything with.

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