I Volunteer

Girl: ‘I’m Michelle! You are?’
Me: ‘J.’
Michelle: ‘Oh! Nice to meet you. You also volunteered to collect goodies for the old folks?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I have some free time today.’

I partnered the daughter of a community centre lady to collect food and non-perishable items from the neighbourhood, as part of the twenty plus strong community who took time off for this event.

Michelle was in poly then, and had little say when her mum asked her to help. Perhaps it was my appearance that relieved the dreadfulness of such community service, that she did not think twice about partnering me. The abundant disapproving looks kind of told us how selfish we were by putting two younger (and probably faster-moving) teens together. She wore a Bintan singlet that fitted her slim figure and a pair of FBT shorts slightly lower than the hems.

As the two ‘fittest’ members, we were given a block to ourselves and went down floors after floors, holding up the lifts with generous donations and compiling them at the void deck. Somehow, it was revenge they wanted to exact on us when the block-to-detail plans were made. For two person to finish an entire block (also one of the widest), we were lucky not to any old folks breathing down our backs.

Michelle (panting): ‘Let’s take a rest first. My mum is asking if we are hungry. Are you?’
Me: ‘Nope. You?’
Michelle: ‘I’m ok.’

We sat at the floor we just finished and spoke about the nice but arrogant residents that donated under our pressure. Even though money is scarce everywhere, we do still have heart for the less privileged.

Michelle: ‘Massage?’

She suddenly wrapped her arm around my neck and pinched my shoulders, giving them a relief after carrying most of the heavy bags. After I told her to stop, she playfully tickled my ribs to check if I was ‘afraid’. Bravely, I did not flinch until she went all out, sending me onto the railings without knowing if I should retaliate.

As the tickles kept me on defence mode, I had no choice but to return the ‘favour’, going for her armpits where some of her bra was showing. In the midst of our fight, she leaned closer to my chest to better withstand my wriggling fingers, until I stop and held her waist tightly, enduring her advances.

Michelle: ‘Hey, you okay? I’m just playing with you.’
Me: ‘Yeah. I just didn’t want to bully you.’
Michelle: ‘Don’t scare me leh. I’m not good with people suddenly going quiet.’
Me: ‘Haha! Don’t worry la.’

She came in for a hug and we rubbed each other’s back, till she started sobbing. I held her tighter and she just climbed over my lap, unconsciously grinding my hard on as her tears wet my shirt. What did I do?

Me: ‘Hey.. ‘
Michelle (crying): ‘Sorry. No one actually cared for me like you in a long time.’
Me (whispering): ‘Don’t say that.’

In gratitude, she held my cheeks in her palms before kissing me, locking our lips together for a period we couldn’t break free no matter how hard we tried. Her hand went under my shirt to caress my back and I couldn’t stop getting harder.

I entered her shirt as well and worked on her padless sports bra, moving under them as she kissed my ear. That move alone softened and hardened me at the same time, to a point she turned around on my lap to face the cloudy skies. My fingers kept teasing her nipples and she moved one of my hand into her shorts, to meet her pussy that was drooling in excitement.

When she arched her back on my chest, I felt a kind of sexy like never before. Her ass was twerking on my groin, and a finger was sliding in and out of her wet hole.

My maroon-coloured shorts went to my knees after she got off and only felt a brief moment of her hand. In no time, she was back on my lap again, but held her shorts to one side as she lowered slowly over my raw dick. I wrapped one arm around her belly before standing up on our feet, leading her to the low parapet of the corridor. Facing the beautiful evening sight of our estate, her body was upright besides being a few inches away from my sweaty shirt.

I could never forget the tight grip on my wrists as I jerked my hips at her, plunging my cock into the depth of her pussy. Both my hands alternated between her breasts and clit, filling the sky up with her soft moans. Just as I found my rhythm, she swung her arms to the railing and bent her chest downwards.

Michelle (moaning): ‘I’m cumming!’

I grasped her waist firmly as I used the pivot to shove my cock deeper, crumbling to the ground with her as her pussy sealed my shaft in a blackhole-level suction. Her orgasm kept her trembling till I held her up again, and we went to the steps for a rest. Besides twitching uncontrollably with a smile on her face, her legs were wide open to her massaging fingers.

Michelle: ‘On top?’
Me: ‘Nah. I don’t have a condom with me.’
Michelle: ‘You can cum outside ah.’
Me: ‘Sure?’
Michelle: ‘Uh huh.’

Her nod got me up on my feet again and I did a push up pose over her shoulders. She guided my rod back into its rightful home and held those knees open, for me to ram my hips all the way inside her. Our hovering heads caught kisses from time to time, and she had enough space to rub her own clit.

As her tightness increased, I was soon losing my sanity to her seductive look.

MeĀ (moaning): ‘Fuck!’

I lifted my hips up like a half-fuck push up and she wrapped her delicate fingers around my exposed cock. I dropped back down and pumped into her hand, going faster and faster till I slammed onto her waist.

Huge load of cum sprayed up her belly before she caught them all, gathering the sticky, thick substance to its last drop. Once I plopped my ass down on the stairs, she searched around for something to clean her hands.

Michelle: ‘You don’t have tissue with you right?’
Me: ‘No eh.’

The girl with messy fringe took her shorts off and fished her stretchy thong out, to clean my load off her palm. Using only the areas facing ‘inside’, she skilfully wrapped my goodies up before stuffing it into my pocket.

Michelle: ‘Wash then give me back k? Don’t keep it ah. I don’t have many.’
Me: ‘Orh.’

With new found strength, we finished our assigned block ahead of others despite our extended ‘rest’. As agreed, we were allowed to go off after we were done, and went for dinner at a nearby coffee shop while waiting for her mum’s team.

Auntie: ‘Okay! The team with the heaviest collection is Michelle and J! Their food products alone outdone the collective weight of the second place. Good job!’

Even though we were unfair to the older folks in terms of vigour and speed, it was the teamwork of the whole community everyone was excited about. After receiving two packet of Yeo’s Lemon Barley for reward, the whole group took a photo for memory’s sake.

Michelle and I met up after a few days, but her thongs had to be washed again after we used it to ‘wipe’. Guess I will be more involved with the community club’s activities from now on.

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