Drowning on Land

Working as a lifeguard in a peaceful neighbourhood swimming pool, Paul bade farewell to his regular visitors before going back to the Olympic-sized pool. Stripping his yellow shirt off, he dived into the cold water where Brenda, a daily visitor to his pool, was doing her laps.

Together, they did a five sets of fifty metre laps before she stopped at one end, marking the end of his day as well. He wasn’t highly educated, but his social skills were great, keeping the place alive with returning customers.

Paul: ‘Shall we?’
Brenda: ‘Yupp! I’m done.’

He pushed himself out of the water with his muscular arms, followed by lifting her out of the pool in one move. They had become friends from meeting daily, but he was a man she knew the ladies always spend more time around.

Going into their own separate changing room, he had his own favourite cubicle where his favourite bottles of soap waited. Since he was always the last to go home, he did not shut his door, and Brenda coincidentally did the same thing too. Halfway through the tranquil but wasteful rinse of water over his head (down his body), her voice went over the walls into the gents, asking him if he had extra body wash.

Paul (shouting): ‘Yeah! I have! Wait a while.’
Brenda: ‘Uhh.. just behind you.’
Paul (surprised): ‘What! So kan cheong ah? Nah.’

She snatched the bottle and stepped into his cubicle, sending him into a corner out of decency. Brenda did not think twice and walked up to the confused guy, kissing him and cupping her palm over his cock that was enlarging.

‘Mmm!’, he mumbled some words that she completely ignore, going on to stroke him up and down. The tanned, 37 year old was in a little shock over what was happening, but his erection was undeniably huge. Brenda would be wet even without a shower, sensing how strong his pulse was on the thick pipe.

Paul (groaning): ‘I didn’t know you are so wild.’
Brenda: ‘Are you as wild?’
Paul (excitedly): ‘I think so.’

He led her out of the cubicle and threw a towel over the old wooden bench with double-pronged clothes hook overhead. When he bent her back forward, she knew what position he was into and climbed onto the spacious bench for him. Shaking her butt to tease him, the shy gentleman adjusted his grip on her waist a few times before guiding her back, for his dick to tear straight into.

Brenda (groaning): ‘Arghhh! Fuck! You’re so big!’
Paul (groaning): ‘You’re not the first to tell me that.’

He stood skin-to-skin against her perky ass and kept her hips firmly in place, ramming his 7 inches right into her deepest spot. Her sexy moans turned into loud groans, finally turning into breaths of hoarseness. He was confident of him own stamina and never stopped hammering her, making the athletic young woman into a victim of good sex.

Brenda felt so helpless in his strong thrusts, pumping adrenaline and euphoria into her brain with every jiggle of her boobs. With his looks far away from his actual age, he was the ideal man to own, no matter the age gap. Her vision began to fade into white as he shifted her body lower, letting her legs hang over the edge while he fucked in half-squat doggystyle.

Paul (groaning): ‘You! You’re too.. I can’t take it anymore!’

Brenda was harshly flipped over on her back like a dead fish before she let off another moan, to his cock piercing into her. His hips jerked at hyper-speed for another few minutes, giving her another orgasm that blew her mind even harder than ever before. Her sight got narrower as every muscles tensed up from the intensity, including his penis that disconnected without warning.

The only sound she could hear was his bear-like growl before a hot load of cum splattered over her chest, distance and force decreasing in relative to the streaks over her groin. Done, he was so. Not only he was still hard, he could princess-carry her into the cubicle and supported her wobbly posture.

Paul: ‘Shower?’
Brenda (panting): ‘Wait outside for me?’
Paul: ‘Take your time.’

She leaned onto the push-knob button to start the water, washing away all the kinkiness on her chest. There was hardly anything more satisfying than a cold shower after sex, and she couldn’t believe how close she was from crumbling to his size and brute force. Images from their romp kept surfacing, somewhat like a subtle reminder to ‘get desperately more’.

He waited outside with her clothes for her to be done and watched her make up into a gorgeous beauty. Finally, they were done and he locked the place up, heading for their favourite western food stall at a coffee shop nearby.

Brenda: ‘Am I too daring today?’
Paul: ‘Daring? No la. I will do the same thing too. (murmuring) If I can.’
Brenda: ‘Haha! Don’t think I didn’t hear that. You can try tomorrow if you want.’
Paul: ‘Crazy. Let’s finish up. I’m getting tired.’

The gurgle from their empty cups signalled the end of their supper and they went home. Brenda couldn’t help but get wet imagining Paul appearing behind her with a raging hard on. She would be so ready to scramble into a corner, so he could hopefully.. well..

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