Wearing Out

Heidi: ‘Let me sleep for a while first luh.’
Gordon: ‘You can try to sleep.’
Heidi: ‘I cannot la.’

His hand under her dress had not stopped moving since she went to rest on his bed, lying on her side while he spooned her. Her panties were wet long ago but after a long day at work, she was more tired than horny. There was no better time for Gordon to get her in the mood, working past his office hours for the past five days just to get her off his mind.

Heidi (whispering): ‘Hey.. ‘

The Malay-Chinese girlfriend slowly turned to him, and tucked her hand into his underwear. Feeling his hardened state in her palm, she gasped loudly and held him for a moment, to feel the warmth of his stored energy. Gordon felt an immediate relief coming over him, and let her return the favour he did for her.

Her agonisingly slow hand movements drove him crazy after just two minutes of teasing, and he abruptly pushed his finger into her wet hole. Heidi’s chest rose in shock and the demon took over his wrist first. Fingers shoved deep into her body made her give off the most intense moans, contracting her muscles around her waist till cramps started coming.

Heidi (moaning): ‘Stop stop.. My stomach hurts.’

Gordon paused inside her that moment to let her breath, and only dared to go slow after. The change in mood led her into his pace and his lips met the softest mouth ever, tongues licking each other playfully.

Heidi: ‘Can you do the work today?’
Gordon: ‘Of course. You just need to get some sleep after that.’
Heidi: ‘Thank you baby.. ‘

She lovingly watched his beloved cap himself with the ribbed condom, and squeezed a tiny bit of lubricant over the reservoir tip. Letting him raise her opened knees to each side, the familiar sense of security made up for the vulnerability she was in. The next thing that took her breath away, was the gentle and composed entry of his cock, sliding through the gate of pleasure to her deepest spot where everything was bright and warm.

Gordon (sighing): ‘Ohhh! It’s sooo good.’

The brown haired girl under him just bit her lips when he got into gorilla mode, both hands clenched and pushing hard against the mattress right next to her neck. His chest remained completely still while his hips ‘scooped’ into her vagina, excavating air out of her lungs as he swung deep and far. Her sensual moans were compliments to his ears, urging him to push her hips together so she could scream louder.

Throwing her calves on his shoulders, he leaned forward to expose her pussy so he could reach as deep as before. Her futile resistance around his thighs went to waste when a sharp scream came out of her mouth, from the forceful thrust that ripped through all her sensitive spots in one go.

Gordon could not believe his ears when the girl went frantic to his repeated pounding. There was no turning back when he almost knocked her unconscious with his speed, moving way too fast for her to process each orgasm.

Gordon (shouting): ‘Fuck! I’m shooting!’

Before he could do anything else, the spectacular finale had came for him, and mini hip thrusts sent his cum into the condom. Still moving slightly, Heidi kept moaning for him till he was done, panting rapidly as he felling over her body

Heidi: ‘So much?’

She helped him with the condom and tied a knot around the O-ring, holding the sagging white pouch for them to see. Gordon had no more strength to smile after that climax and laid still, falling asleep before his girl even did.

Heidi (whispering): ‘Goodnight baby. *Muacks*

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