In Her Sleep

Jossie and I were in the library studying for our last paper for our poly exams. I was extremely bad in programming but she, on the other hand, was born for it. We spent the whole morning since the library opened and she merely accompanied me cause I asked. If not, she would have been sleeping at home, fully prepared for the paper. My deadline was tomorrow, 8am, and I wasn’t going to take any chances.

Shortly after we started, she rested on her arms after making some space on the messy table to continue her sleep while I kept typing away on my laptop to make a simple program from scratch. I planned to work with the first ever assignment given, to the harder ones at the end. Stacks of guilty wasteful papers with codes were printed, thankful for the free printing credit the school gave.

A short while later, she snored and I nudged her, worried that librarians would hear it and stop her from sleeping. She raised her heavy head and went back to sleep, after making sure she did not drool on the table. I was so distracted with not failing. Right then, her body moved and murmurs were heard. Our table was all the way into the library in one corner and there was no one else around at that time. I figured no one would bother even if she was louder.

Her legs were folded on the chair, and I had all the liberty to admire her body. She wore a pair loose sports shorts that was slightly higher grade than FBTs, with a drawstring at the navel. It was some kind of soft cotton pants. With her body slouching forward, I could look from the side at her red underwear that peeked out, presumingly to me too. Her body started moving frequently and hot breaths and the sounds she made had changed to a soft and sensual one. One of her hand removed itself from under her forehead and she placed it on her groin, blocking the view of her panties from me.

Had she found out? I worked on my program and took long glances at her whenever she moaned. The hand on her shorts was kneading her pussy and she was losing herself in slumber. A good hour of weird movements later, she raised her head slowly and looked out of the window, using the hand on her shorts earlier to check the area around her mouth and she finally turned her flushed face to me.

Me: ‘Jossie, are you alright? Your face is red.’

She did unfold her legs but later crossed it after trying to adjust her shorts and took out her pocket mirror to check her hair.

Me: ‘You were sort of making weird noises in your sleep. Like you’re moaning. Did you have a wet dream?’

She kept the mirror and pulled her laptop to get onto Facebook without looking or replying me. A few glances on my screen and she knew I was screwed for being stuck with the program from the beginning of the semester. I watched in horror as my laptop was dragged to the area of the table between her and I, and the sounds of my keyboard being whacked hard and fast made it worse.

Jossie: ‘I had a dream earlier.’
Me: ‘Okay. Nice dream? Of me passing the paper?’

Whatever sounds she made could just be a coincident, since I was no dream master. I wouldn’t know what came into her. I crossed my legs and turned towards her, watching her correct my mistakes while lazily leaning her head against the wall with a bored look. I placed my hand on her knee and just had to ask.

Me: ‘What did you dream of?’

She took some time to reply, but it was an honour to hear what she said. It made me smile, and pushed me towards crazy.

Jossie: ‘You.. We.. made out.’

My palm shifted down her thigh and journeyed towards her pussy without a hiccup. She did not resist either. Once I arrived at the opening, I lifted the soft material upwards with my index finger and continued into her shorts. The moment I touched the wet panties, I understood her dream. It was more than making out with our lips. But I did not know how much further we went.

I reversed my advances, and dug into her panties this time, before she grabbed my arm. Did she see someone? We were sitting at the corner, facing the shelves of books and empty tables before us. I was so caught up with watching her expression that I forgot to keep a look out. She pulled the other hand away from my keyboard and took her laptop pouch to cover her legs. Her hands returned to my laptop and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Her fleshy wet folds was so soft to the touch, smooth without much of a prick.

Me: ‘You just shaved?’
Jossie: ‘Every morning.’

Okay. So she wasn’t ready for this. But she is now. I teased her clit by moving my fingers in circles, around her complex flaps of labia, only focusing on the clit after I did my orientation tour. Her body arched twice at my probing and her feet dropped to the ground. Her legs were spread behind the laptop cover and my hand behind was pretty obvious, to anyone if there was even anyone around. I poked my finger into her love hole and slowly inched deeper with every thrust. Like a typist, only my middle finger moved at her sensitive entrance.

One of her hand reached over the cover and pushed my finger even deeper, hinting to me to start what I had intended to. My hand reached further into her panties and I began thrusting the full length of my middle finger into her. She typed faster with the extra motivation and pushed my laptop back to my area, before placing her head on the table again, to look like she was sleeping. I did not hear her moaning nor making any noises, but her pussy was really drooling with excitement.

Her fingers clenched into a fist and she turned her head sideways to look at me, frowning real hard before she closed her eyes for the shiver I felt in my hand. One of her hand had returned to the laptop pouch and she pushed against the back of my hand that had its finger inside her to stop moving while she orgasmed with a small jerk of extra liquid flowing out of her pussy. Only after she stopped the shudder, she relaxed her pressure on the laptop pouch and I paused for a while longer.

Being a cheeky guy, I quickly rammed another finger that was wet with her juices into the same hole and she gasped. This time, I made sure to use the muscles in my forearm to ram into her unexpecting pussy and she responded by using both her hands to stop me while raising both her feet to the edge of the chair and clamping my fingers in her.

Me: ‘Okok, I get it. Let me go.’

She opened slightly and I removed my hand from her shorts, taking the laptop pouch to the table. She took a wet tissue from her bag and wiped the area around her thighs, that had a trail of juices while I exited her privates. Returning to her laptop, she surfed Facebook for a while before she handed another piece of wet wipes to me.

Jossie: ‘Wipe yours clean.’
Me: ‘Wipe what clean? .. Oh!’

I double checked for any passing people before reaching into my loose basketball shorts, to wipe my tiny stub clean. Although it was tiny then, the thoughts of why she asked me to do it turned it into a light sabre and lengthened itself for the battle. She placed the laptop cover on my lap after I was done putting the wipe on the table. Jossie then took the wipe and stuffed it into her panties, before whispering into my ear.

Jossie (whispering): ‘Wipe me clean too.’

She reached into my shorts stroke it slowly while I reach for her waistband, from where the drawstrings were. I untied it and slipped all the way down to the wipes and I pushed it out from the sides of her panties.

Me (whispering): ‘I’ll empty the wetness into your panties first.’

She gave a slow smile and continued jerking me while I fingered her. Our guts were so sure no one was looking that I was slapping my palm around her pussy while my fingers darted in and out of her. She pulled my waistband down to look at it, then at the area in front of us, and let her head reach for my dick. Sucking it hard and then going up and down at her own pace, which was considered to be dangerously fast. She was basically mouth fucking me! In the open!

I couldn’t fight my urge to hold her head and my free hand dug into her scalp, forcing her lower down my shaft. It did not take long before our sanity returned and she gave a final slow exit to end the blowjob. Her hand took over the job and she went hyper speed, driving my body into twitches and sent my dick throbbing with redness.

My arm did not just let her manipulate me, I forced the extra speed through my arm and finger fucked her as deep as I could, getting an orgasm in return for my effort. She jerked my hand out of her panties and put it into my shorts as well, exposing my dick in the open. My shorts was so low I would have problems pulling it back if anyone did appeared.

Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

Her two hands interlocked and kept going without slowing down. Finally, I felt death and I grabbed her head, pulling it down to my groin. There was resistance at first, but it was probably the shock that delayed her. Her mouth went over my dick and her hands broke free, she bobbed her head a few times with a tight sucking sensation coupled with her agile tongue warming the base of my shaft.

I pressed her head down as I jerked my body out of control, erupting into her sweet looking mouth, filling it with so much cum she had to tap on my thighs. It did not have that many shots as I would expect but I felt truly empty. She sealed her lips around my dick and let it slid out of her mouth, cleaned and drained of anymore goodness.

She turned her face towards me and grabbed the back of my head around the neck area, turning it towards her. Our eyes were locked in each others’ gaze. She let her lips opened slightly to push the mouthful of cum for a display and then taking it back, before swallowing it in a brave gulp. She swallowed a few more times before planting her lips onto mine, forcing her tongue into my mouth and we french-kissed without holding back for a minute or so.

At the end of the day, there’s work needed to be done and she had somehow found the energy to stay awake and taught me whatever shortcuts she thought up herself. We only stopped for lunch and toilet breaks throughout the day and finally we parted ways at dinner time.

The memories were sure to be imprinted on my brain, but the soaked red G-string that I found in my laptop bag was the key to remembering our wild attempt for a lifetime. We no longer meet up after poly, but we still had each others’ numbers and would get together when we needed it. It wasn’t a meet up to me, it was more of.. Connecting People.

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