Joanna left her house in a Tokidoki designed shirt and a plain black cotton skirt to meet her friends for lunch and movie before meeting her boyfriend later in the day. She told her boyfriend, Tim, about the plans and he asked her to go panty-less, for the first time in her life. After she pulled her skirt up to her hips, she felt how naked she was underneath, but she did not had to worry about revealing her panty line in the tight skirt.

Her friends did not notice her going commando, instead, the MRT trip to town had flashed her bare pussy to the passengers sitting opposite her while she placed her iPad on her lap to play some games. The male passengers directly across her kept glancing at her fair nether regions, and had to manage their helpless hard ons. The lunch was a hasty one and the group consisting of her male and female colleagues proceeded to the cinema.

Sitting beside the row of guys, one of her colleagues, Terry, accidentally brushed across her hips when he put his silenced phone in his pocket. He knew she wasn’t wearing anything under, as his observation started as he noticed there was no visible panty outline under her skirt. The theatre darkened and the show started. Joanna had her handbag over her lap since she knew the place would get too cold for her, on top of that, the nakedness had been bothering her too.

Terry’s hand reached to the top of her bag and the stare from her did not stop him. He flashed his iPod touch’s screen at her, showing a note ‘I know you are not wearing anything’. She frowned and pushed his hand to the side of her hips, filling up with worry about what he was going to do. He glided his palm up her skirt and slid down her cold thighs, pushing his fingers through her parallel legs.

Immediately, his pinky felt her warm pussy that had little soft pubic hair and he used his pinky to navigate between her pussy lips, finally stopping at her soft flesh. He wriggled his finger and her legs shut even more closely together. He did not stop despite the lack of space and as minutes passed, her knees widened and he could place his index and middle fingers on her clit. He massaged her sensitive spot in circles and then pushed his hand lower, diving into her moist vagina and fingering her as subtly as possible.

Instinctively, her hand went to his zip and he took his bag from under the seat, covering his lap and her hand from any nosey eyes. The zip ticked agonisingly slowly to reduce the sound and she took a while to dig into the small opening and his underwear before she pulled his dick out of his pants. There was no way it could be done without some force, but Terry could manage the pain of his dick against the metal zipper.

She stroked him as fast as she could, without too big a movement, and their minds were off the movie some time ago. She felt the climax building up very slowly, but it would come. Terry had never felt such an intense and exciting handjob before. He too could felt his dick getting longer and wider with the dizziness from the lack of blood in his brain. The urge to cum was coming much slower to him, and he knew he might not even cum when the movie ended.

Joanna was indulging in the pleasures from his fingers that she did not even remember that she had a boyfriend, she was just looking forward to the orgasm that took so long to come. Their movements were pretty much fixed but she had angled her hand in a more comfortable and effective direction. Her palm was on the bottom his dick, fingers going under his top part of his shaft. Imagine your usual masturbation grip, and turn your arm in the other direction (e.g. right handed, reach over to your left side and hold your dick, fingers should be facing the left side).

Terry had never tried that before and it felt better than how his girlfriend did it for him. Their movements remained small and undetected, until she held his hand under her bag. She opened her legs wider and he channelled his energy into his fingers, thrusting quickly until she clamped her legs tight and the juices shot into his palm. Her head dropped onto his biceps on her side and she slowly pulled his hand out of her pussy.

He was done with his job and all that was left was just laying back and enjoy her finishing move. Her hand resumed the speed after she cummed and it went swifter than before. His balls were loading the huge load of sperms and the countdown was ticking. Joanna reached singlehandedly into her bag and took out her handkerchief, slipping it under his bag for him. Her hand kept up with the handjob and in no time, his hand rested over her hand and held her still as his dick twitched and squeezed the cum out of his tube.

It spat onto her handkerchief with accuracy and she wrapped the piece of cum soaked cloth over his dick, before giving him an after-service, sending his mind into a state of blank as the wet cloth proved more slippery over his dick, that was already sensitive from the ejaculation. She continued for a while before leaving his lap and returning to her area.

Terry had more trouble cleaning himself up and putting his dick back into his underwear, but the show still had about 30 minutes to it, allowing him some time to shrivel before he tucked it back. The two of them held each others’ stained hand and finished the movie tired and lost from the distracting intimate contact. The group dispersed after the show and she went on to meet her boyfriend at his place.

Needless to say, Tim made sure she experience her first outdoor tryst, bringing her exhibitionist nature out of her inner devil and followed by the whole night of mindless sex.

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