In the Rain

Me: ‘What are you doing in the rain?’

I was supposed to just collect the mail, but the girl standing in the rain a little distance away caught my shocking attention. Dressed in a plain spag top and long skirt reaching the grass patch, the weather was cold with the heavy rainfall. Her make up was smeared but she remained still as I ran towards her, pulling her by the arms into the shelter.

Me: ‘Did something happened?’

Looking at me with the puss-in-boots eyes, she started shivering in the chilly wind without a reply. I couldn’t just leave her there can I? The next think that came to my mind was to bring a towel to her, suddenly, the grip on my hand got tighter as she spoke in shivers.

Girl: ‘I.. am.. scared.’

Me: ‘Where do you live?’

Girl: ‘Far away.’

Me: ‘I’ll bring a towel to you, can you wait here?’

Girl: ‘Don’t let go of me.’

Leading her by the hand to my house, the rest of my family was long asleep and I quickly led her into the showers, passing her a towel and closed the door quickly. Then, the door slid open and she stood there still dripping wet. Pushing her inside, I pulled her top off and removed the nipple tape, stripping her off the skirt as well. A quick rinse inclusive of scrubbing her from head to toe. Removing her make up was the worse though, without any make up remover, the Johnsons’ milk bath lotion was the most gentle I had on skin, and it did get the job done one way or another.

Since I had no clothes for girls, I passed her an oversized shirt my company gave and it fitted her well, save for the lack of undergarments for her. With all that done, she was quick to hop into my bed, and covering herself with the blanket. Though I had no idea who she was, the heavenly sight of her long highlighted hair, slender thin arms and soft fair shoulders was sure tempting. But it would be wrong to pounce on a poor confused girl right?

Disregarding my horny thoughts, I packed the bathroom and went for a shower myself before hopping into the same bed with the new girl fully clothed. As I drifted to lalaland, her warm breath ran down my neck and she spoke again.

Girl: ‘Thank you.’

Me: ‘Shhh.. go to sleep now.’

Girl: ‘How can I sleep knowing this is keeping you awake?’

Her hand then slid to my groin area and ran around the bulge under my shorts. Slowly, the waistband of my shorts expanded and her hand started the light masturbation. As my shorts slipped lower, my hand closer to her went over to cover her side of work and started to rub on her pussy, still a little wet from the shower.. wait. Was it really the water from the shower?

Her body rose and disappeared completely under the blanket, and following the disappearance, a wet warm mouth covered my dick and started going up and down my shaft, tickling the sensitive parts with her tongue. Well, it’s only one part actually, and she was moving so fast I thought I was fucking a sucking tight pussy. As I felt my balls cuddle up, I lifted her chin away and towards me, locking her lips with mine, tasting a little saltiness of my pre-cum and her cute little soft tongue. Her palm continued keeping it up and finally climbing over my stomach, ready to slid backwards and start the relieve of my hard on.

Pushing her shoulders down, the sensation of her pussy accommodating my size was beyond what words could describe. Soon, our hips were moving wildly on my bed, creaking and shaking it. It was very obvious she loved the cowgirl stance as my dick head brushed all the sensitive spots within her, creating the waves of contractions and flushes of juices. My penis wasn’t having an awesome time at all, it had gotten too sensitive for me and if I didn’t had anything to play (her boobs) I would have gone out of control and thrown her off me.

The few minutes passed like hours and she finally fell onto her side of the bed and got her butt up for some doggie treats. Quickly recovering my position, I thrust deep into her in one stroke and her body just collapsed on the pillow, still moaning and asking for more. Gaining my composure at the fastest possible time, I resumed the mindless sex, driving into her with momentum and screwing her inside out generating all the stifled moans along with my groans. Without warning, my gun slipped and with the rhythm gone, ejaculation was on the verge and sad/ happy to say, we lost it altogether, but pumping her full of cum and tiredness.

The creampie leaking out of this angel was priceless, thick and mixed with her thick clear juices like the commercial lubricant, there was surely a lot to go around. Falling back into sleep, I tucked her in and went back to sleep satisfied and full exhausted without anything left inside. She did go home in the end, but not before we wear each other out again.

No names exchanged, just lust fulfilled.

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