Stranger’s Sweet

Uncle Low: ‘Girl, why are you out here so late?’
Mabel: ‘Aunty (their maid) brought me down. I cannot sleep and she says she is meeting a friend.’
Uncle Low: ‘Where is she now?’
Mabel: ‘I don’t know? She says she will call me when she is done. I just play around here.’

9 year old Mabel was dressed simply in her little dress, at a age too young for bra, neither did her maid helped her put on a underwear when she brought her downstairs. Uncle Low, on the other hand, was just sitting at the benches under his block by the playground.

Uncle Low: ‘Uncle got sweets, you want?’
Mabel: ‘Okay.’

She took one and placed it into her mouth, taking a seat beside him without any suspicion. After all, someone who offered to share couldn’t be bad right?

Uncle Low: ‘Girl, come, uncle lend you phone to watch cartoons okay?’

With that, he took his iPhone and played a hentai film which little Mabel wouldn’t understand anyway, she was just fascinated that there were pictures with bright colours moving. He led her to the second tier of the playground and sat her on his lap. And while she was distracted watching the show, his both hands proceeded to open her legs and started touching her.

Mabel: ‘Uncle! What you doing?’

Uncle Low: ‘Shhh.. Let uncle check something. It won’t hurt.’

Spreading her bare pussy lips, her clit was already developed, but probably wasn’t activated. Gently placing his middle finger on it, he started to circle around the spot, making her drop the iPhone on the metal flooring. Not that he was concerned about his phone, but the fact that this little girl was grabbing tightly on his forearms, while leaning backwards onto him.

Uncle Low: ‘Nice?’
Mabel: ‘Yah.. A bit. ‘

His finger gained speed and a little bit of wetness was leaking from her. Using her bodily fluid as lubricant, the masturbation was easier and also going wilder. Two of his fingers were rubbing her clit fast and furious, making her weak body shiver and the quick breathing was slowly accompanied by moans escaping. After a short moment, more juices flowed and Mabel clamped her legs tightly together as her fingers dug into his arms.

Uncle Low: ‘Good?’
Mabel: ‘Uhh.. ‘
Uncle Low: ‘Can help uncle now?’
Mabel: ‘How?’

He went on to pull his pants down and took out his old sword, shimmering with pre-cum and a pleasant shower scent. Positioning his play doll higher onto his lap, his dick poked out under her pussy, and between her thighs. Not knowing what was he doing, she held the two poles beside her as he adjusted the best fit. Quickly, with the pre-cum and her wetness aiding the strokes with lube, he thrust his hips upwards at the same time he held her hips and lifted her up and down, using the little ‘Y’ between her pussy and thighs to masturbate himself.

Mabel: ‘Uncle, what are you doing?’

Ignoring her completely, his mind was on the softness of her legs and how the up down motion continued to pleasure her clit. The concealment was perfect as it was dark within the playground and the second level (where the slides start) were obstructed with railings. The both of them were breathing heavily with Mabel moaning in her cute voice. Within minutes, Uncle Low let off a groan and cummed hard into her dress, dripping his cum onto her thighs and everywhere else.

Naive little Mabel still tried to collect the liquid and flicked it off her palm, which we know wasn’t easy to do so. After he was done, a pack of wet tissue did the basic clean up and the two of them quickly went down the slope back to the bench. Unluckily, her maid was far from done fucking her boyfriend and Mabel was continually masturbated till she was too tired. Uncle Tom? He used her sleeping hand to jerk himself off and unloaded another round onto the floor.

Sick? I think so too. Parents, never let your kids out of your sight, especially at night.

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