Sports Day

It was the annual school sports day and as usual, everyone in the school was there, from the students, teachers, to the parent support groups. Even the administrative staff from the computer labs, D&T workshops and a few canteen stall operators were there too. Held on a Friday, the atmosphere was full of encouragements and cheers. Soon, the emcee commenced the event and the colours of the four houses were shouting and cheering wildly, with a few bunches of guys walking around to ease their displeasure of a meaningless event.

Nonetheless, as the gun went off for the first men’s 100 metres race, Harnold was on his way back to class, while Ms. Ng was already in the staff room, doing up the last minute preparation for the school’s exchange program with South Korea. Just the immigration part caused quite a lot of issues for the trip barely four days away. With a few more passports to get clearance for, she left the office with the set of sports wear she was going to the field in.

Pushing her way into the changing room of the students’ block, Harnold’s voice was heard asking her to wait. Immediately, her student’s head popped out behind the wall and was holding a set of clothes too.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, can we change together?’

Feeling a little sexcited between her legs, she just entered the room and held the door open for him. And as soon as they place their clothes down, Harnold peeled her cardigan away that was hiding the navy blue spaghetti top  she wore, underneath the top was the sexiest bra he could imagine her wearing. With the straps off her shoulders, the top crumbled to her waist and a pair of translucent black cups showed off her erected nipples. Breathing a deep breath of surprise, he unbuckled her bra while pulling the rest of her clothes to her feet.

As his shirt was already halfway removed, Ms. Ng completed his birthday suit and his dick was between her legs and pussy, poking in and out with the help of her slight wetness. With their kisses moving on to body ravishing, his fingers went inside her easily and was making her little body tremble with her hands on her mouth trying not to make any sounds. After all, there might be teachers as hardworking as her walking around.

Suddenly, Ms. Ng pulled her naughty boy by the neck and whispered right into his ears, with the air sending a little tickle down his body.

Ms. Ng: ‘Let’s not play anymore. Put it in me now.’

The changing room had a leather seat, full-body mirror and hooks on the walls, there was only these number of positions doable. Kneeling on the seat with her legs apart, her strong arms rested on the make up table, looking at her slut face and the little boy who was going to make her very very happy. As his hard touched her softness, the thrill of fucking in her own school was making another drop of cum around her pussy, it was ready for him.

Grabbing her hips, Harnold pulled her towards himself, penetrated right into her g-spot, giving her the body-weakening shock that would usually come from the continuous high-speed thrusts. Now, every stroke of his hips would touch her sensitive spot and give him the control over her. Let’s just hope he didn’t know what he did. A little adjustments of her arms would give her the freedom to nudge him to push the right buttons and continue the flow of her horny lubrication.

A few long minutes later, Ms. Ng’s hips was instead resting on the seat with her knees on the ground while Harnold was at his limit on the knees, still forcing his thick long dick deep into her, enjoying the moment of power over his favourite teacher. The sex kept going as his dick went numb (a good thing to last longer) every time his teacher’s pussy wrapped tightly around him from climaxing and when it relaxed, his manhood was kind of restarted to carry on with the rhythmic  pounding of her pussy.

Harnold (panting and whispering): ‘I’m cumming! Arghh.. ‘

With the series of orgasms still ringing through her body, Ms. Ng didn’t have the energy to respond and could only embrace the strong gush of hot cum shooting into her and feel it move up her pussy as he continued ramming his stick inside her, till it was soft and shrinking. Finally sitting on the tiled floor, the unplugging let the few drops of fluid out of her slit and the rest safely implanted deeply.

Harnold: ‘No panties today.’

Looking at his satisfied expression, she put on her sports bra and top, before pulling her FBTs up her legs as instructed, without panties. The shorts did not have any lining under it and the mere brush of the thin fabric on her sore pussy lips made her a little wet again. Thankfully, the material was soaking up most of her juices. Harnold knowing that she was pantyless, had stayed by her throughout the event and gave her the occasional rub when no one was watching, at one time made her so high she cummed and left stains on the concrete floor.

Not sure if she knew, but her tom boyish sitting positions allowed a few of the male teachers and students to look into the wide openings of her shorts, right into her glistering wet shaven privates. Still, no one could have ignored the strong sex smell emitting from her, with her blushing cheeks as the warmth of Harnold’s cum still lingered in her womb.

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