In A Corner

It was on a last minute arrangement that Xuan and I planned to meet at Toa Payoh MRT after I booked out. Being in No.4, there wasn’t much I could do intimately too. We went to my place to change out, and finally made our way to the secret venue at Novena. Well, for the title’s sake, there was another spot she claimed it was private enough too. At the few tall flats, the sky park. Just in a corner, according to her.

Anyway, we allowed the wooden door to close itself and our lips frenched like never before. Although it was the first time we met, her full and curvy figure were simply too hard to resist. Plus, she was adventurous enough to follow my dress code. Red jacket, bra, hot pants, and nothing else.

The satin material of her pullover was smooth to the touch, and the lacy designs on the bra could be felt. Unzipping it was the best sight ever, as two small melons and a cleavage greeted me. Unhooking her bra, the shoulder straps were hard to remove but Xuan didn’t mind being caught topless. She removed her jacket, then the bra, and back on with the pullover unzipped.

Xuan: ‘I did bring a scarf. It can cover if I remove my shorts. Want me to?’

Would you say no? Of course I would want. She pulled her shorts down like a striptease and the abalone was already somewhat.. oozing with juice. The sparsely spread pubic weren’t scary at all. My fingers wasted no time to teasing her clit in every direction and making her wetter with moans. And soon enough, she was all dripping while asking to be fingered more.

I quickly plunged my two fingers in and twirled around her pussy, exploring her like a new cave. The constant squeezing plus gushing of fresh wetness kept reminding me of how great would it feel inside her. An ex got her first, and I came second, well.. literally ‘came’ second.

Me: ‘You got help your exs wear condom before?’

Xuan: ‘I haven’t. You want me to put it on for you?’

I nodded and she took over the pack, tearing it apart and figuring which side was it. A little guidance here and there, but ultimately, it was the innocence that made a condom fun to put on. Following that would be the calling not to waste that piece of rubber. She gave the insulated dick a kiss before I proceeded to aim and ready my weapon.

Inches by inches I nudged my way in, and the warmth slowly enveloped my whole shaft and her muscles were vividly strong, sending the shocks to start my hips moving. As the strokes grew larger and faster, her moans got louder and soon would go into screams. My body did as her vagina hinted and kept ramming into her poor little sore hole.

Me: ‘Argh.. I’m cumming!’

She stopped my hips with her hands and suddenly pulled me to her mouth, sucking on it like a baby after pulling the condom off. Then, her tongue came to play around the sensitive little head and the precious protein intake of her day came squirting hard. Xuan’s mouth remained open while I continued unloading into her, which was quite a huge load that she needed to swallow twice.

She felt the end coming and closed her mouth, swallowing with a bitter face and surprisingly came back to lick it clean.

Xuan: ‘Let’s eat before going for more?’

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