No One Around 3

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Ryan: ‘Crystal?’

Sound asleep, that was the only sign she was showing. With her glossy lips breathing warm air, and the long dazzling eye lashes, eggshell smooth face and the soft puffy breasts every man desire to give a squeeze, and the tender long legs even cum would die to stick on. Parting her slim legs, the hairless, stub-less, prickly-less satin smooth bikini line.

Quietly, he removed his No. 4 and went for a quick rinse. After which he realised she hadn’t moved an inch. Taking her hand in his, he placed her hand over his dick and started stroking himself, getting harder than usual, with the more continuous flow of pre-cum. Soon, her both her hands were covered in the sticky substance and his hard on was almost breaking out of its skin. Quickly placing her legs over his shoulders, he poked his dick slowly into her and the dryness was soothed by his pre-cum.

As his rod piston in and out, her juices started flowing too, forming like dew, it was invisible but quick, and it was thick and clear as well. Coating his whole dick with her love, his pace increased as his dick grew bigger. With book out always on a Saturday, this was the perfect way to start his weekend. With all his ferocity, he rammed hard into her with all his might, packed with strong core muscles, it was hard NOT to get wet. Though she was unconscious, her body was still functioning normally.

Within minutes, the third load of cum pumped into her and the creampie couldn’t be anymore fuller. It was literally dripping like a tap. Ryan fell into sleep and woke up to her movements trying to get dressed. Thankfully, he wasn’t naked.

Ryan: ‘Hi. I’m Ryan.’
Crystal: ‘And I’m Crystal. Sorry. Is this your bed? I fell asleep I guess.’
Ryan: ‘It’s okay. I think my dad brought you home. Are you going home now?’
Crystal: ‘Yeah. It’s getting late and I’m hungry.’

Dinner was ready and three pairs of chopsticks were laid out. Crystal did felt a little sore below, but thinking it was just the uncle’s big size, she didn’t think much and ate all of her rice, including the soup he prepared specially for her. Finally, after she was done with everything, Uncle Tom returned her dress and she got dressed in Ryan’s room. The final touches were done on the living room couch, lipstick and eye-liner.

As she standing up to leave, the wave of sleepiness overcame her again and she fell onto the sofa, with Ryan quickly picking her up into his room.

Uncle Tom: ‘Is she gone?’
Ryan: ‘Yeah!’

Hastily pulling his pants off, he quickly raised her hips up into doggie and just as he was about to lub her up, the vibration from her phone buzzed loudly in her bag. It was a call from Lynn, which contact picture was nothing less hotter than Crystal.

Ryan: ‘Daddy, I think she left her phone behind.’

Without thinking, he picked the call up and made a fancy story about how she fainted and his son was kind to bring her to his house. And the ‘Lynn’ was also not thinking to have rushed down and appearing in her clubbing attire, a short wrap-dress that was so easily removed. Breathless after the short run, Ryan offered her a glass doped with sleeping pills as well and now, father and son owned a toy each.

Uncle Tom carried Lynn to his room while Ryan resumed fucking Crystal till he was totally dry and shagged out, using both her pussy and ass at his disposal. And his dad? He was doing the same as well, just that he had her tied up at her legs with a long metal chain to the bed. Just far enough to reach the toilet and around the room. After he was done with the administrative work, he left her lying on the bed and went for a quick round missionary, blowing his load all over her body. Lynn was even tighter than Crystal as she was smaller size, her boobs were barely B but her asshole was clearly loose. Anal slut?

With two toys for two boys in the house, was it just time when they would get caught? Or would no one ever find out? With Ryan’s friends invited for a sleepover guaranteed to rock their worlds, would Lynn and Crystal ever be the same again?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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